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A-Ha 2015 Cast In Steel

A-ha NOR
A-ha 1985 Hunting High And Low
A-ha 2015 Cast In Steel
AC-DC 1976 Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap
AC-DC 1977 Let There Be Rock
AC-DC 1979 Highway To Hell
AC-DC 1991 Back in Black
AC-DC 1992 Live
AC-DC 2008 Black Ice
AC-DC 2010 Iron Man 2

Abba SWE
Abba 1974 Waterloo
Abba 1975 Abba
Abba 1976 Arrival
Abba 1977 Gold
Abba 1977 The Album
Abba 1979 Voulez-Vous
Abba 1980 Super Trouper
Abba 1981 The Visitors
Abba 1993 More Abba Gold

Achim Reichel 1944-20xx xx HAM
Achim Reichel 1991 Dat Shanty Alb'm

Adele 1988-20xx xx ENG
Adele 2015 25 Target Deluxe Edition

Adriano Celentano 1938-20xx xx ITA
Adriano Celentano Bestof

Aerosmith USA
Aerosmith 1975 Toys In The Attic
Aerosmith 1976 Rocks
Aerosmith 1994 Big Ones

Alan Parsons Project ENG
Alan Parsons Project 1979 Pyramid
Alan Parsons Project 1983 Bestof
Alan Parsons Project 2004 A Valid Path

Alan Price 1942-20xx xx ENG
Alan Price 2002 Geordie.Boy The Anthology

Albert King 1923-1992 69 USA
Albert King 1967 Born Under A Bad Sign
Albert King with Stevie Ray Vaughan 1999 In Session

Albert Lee 1943-20xx xx ENG
Albert Lee 2002+Hogan's Heroes Tear It Up
Albert Lee 2004 Live From Mars

Alexis Korner 1928-1984 56 ENG
Alexis Korner 1964+All Stars Blues Incorporated
Alexis Korner 2006 Kornerstoned Alexis Korner Anthology 1954-1983
Alexis Korner 2011 County Jail Blues

Alice Cooper 1948-20xx xx USA
Alice Cooper 1971 Love It To Death
Alice Cooper 1972 School's Out
Alice Cooper 1973 Billion Dollar Babies

Allman Brothers Band USA
Allman Brothers Band 1970 Idlewild South
Allman Brothers Band 1971 A+R Studios New York
Allman Brothers Band 1971 Beginnings
Allman Brothers Band 1971 Live At Fillmore East
Allman Brothers Band 1973 Brothers And Sisters (Super Deluxe Version)
Allman Brothers Band 1973 Brothers and Sisters
Allman Brothers Band 1976 Wipe The Windows Check The Oil Dollar Gas
Allman Brothers Band 1992 Live At The Beacon Theatre
Allman Brothers Band 2003 Post-Gazette Pavilion
Allman Brothers Band 2005 Bonnaroo Music Festival
Allman Brothers Band 2009 New York 20-Mar-2009 128 kbps
Allman Brothers Band 2011 Tune In To Hep C Benefit Concert

Alvin Lee 1944-2013 69 ENG
Alvin Lee 1973 On The Road To Freedom
Alvin Lee 2013 The Last Show

Amy Winehouse 1983-2011 27 ENG
Amy Winehouse 2003 Frank
Amy Winehouse 2006 Back to Black
Amy Winehouse 2007 Back To Black (Deluxe Edition)
Amy Winehouse 2011 Lioness Hidden Treasures
Amy Winehouse 2012 Amy Winhouse At The BBC

Ana Popovic 1976-20xx xx SRB
Ana Popovic 2001 Hush
Ana Popovic 2003 Comfort To The Soul
Ana Popovic 2007 Still Making History
Ana Popovic 2007 The Queen Of Blues Guitar
Ana Popovic 2009 Belly Button Window
Ana Popovic 2009 Blind For Love
Ana Popovic 2011 Unconditional
Ana Popovic 2016 Trilogy

Anastacia 1968-20xx xx USA
Anastacia 2004 Anastacia
Anastacia 2005 Pieces of a Dream
Anastacia 2012 It's a Man's World

Anathema ENG
Anathema Weather Systems
Andreas Gabalier 2010 Herzwerk
Andreas Gabalier AUT

Andreas Vollenweider 1953-20xx xx CHE
Andreas Vollenweider 1981 Behind the Gardens
Andreas Vollenweider 1983 Caverna Magica

Angelica USA
Angelica 1997 Angelica

Animals ENG
Animals 1965 Singles+
Animals 1977 Before We Were So Rudely Interrupted
Animals 1983 Ark
Animals 1989 Sampler
Animals 1997 San Francisco Nights
Animals A's B's and EP's

Annie Lennox 1954-20xx xx SCO
Annie Lennox 2003 Bare
Aphrodite's Child 1971 666
Aphrodite's Child GRC

Arcade Fire CAN
Arcade Fire 2003 Arcade Fire

Aretha Franklin 1942-20xx xx USA
Aretha Franklin 1973 Aretha's Jazz
Aretha Franklin 1985 Aretha Sings The Blues
Aretha Franklin Platinum

Arlo Guthrie 1947-20xx xx USA
Arlo Guthrie 1967 Alice's Restaurant
Arlo Guthrie 1976 Amigo

Art Garfunkel 1941-20xx xx USA
Art Garfunkel 2012 The Singer

Asia ENG
Asia 1983 Alpha
Asia 1985 Astra
Asia 1992 Aqua
Asia 1992 Then And Now

Astronauts USA
Astronauts 1963 Surfin' with

Atomic Rooster ENG
Atomic Rooster 10 Explosive Years
Atomic Rooster Headline News
Axel Rudi 2015 Pell Magic Moments

Axel Rudi Pell DEU
BAP 2016 Die Beliebtesten Lieder 1976-2016
BAP 3x10 Jahre

BB King 1925-2015 90 USA
BB King 1993 Monterey CA 26-Jun-1993
BB King 2011 Lucca Summer Festival 15-Jul-2011
BB King 2015 Here's One That You Didn't Know About
Bachman Turner Overdrive 1974 Not Fragile
Bachman Turner Overdrive CAN

Baker Gurvitz Army ENG
Baker Gurvitz Army 1974 Baker Gurvitz Army
Baker Gurvitz Army 1975 Derby Live
Baker Gurvitz Army 1975 Elysian Encounter
Baker Gurvitz Army 1975 Live
Baker Gurvitz Army 2003 Flying In&Out Of Stardom

Bangladesh Concert 1971 USA

Barcley James Harvest USA
Barcley James Harvest 1984 Eyes Of The Universe

Beach Boys USA
Beach Boys 1962 Surfin' Safari
Beach Boys 1963 Little Deuce Coupe
Beach Boys 1963 Surfer Girl
Beach Boys 1963 Surfin' USA
Beach Boys 1964 All Summer Long
Beach Boys 1964 Beach Boys Christmas Album
Beach Boys 1964 Beach Boys Concert
Beach Boys 1964 Shut Down Volume 2
Beach Boys 1964-77 Ultimate Christmas
Beach Boys 1965 Beach Boys Today!
Beach Boys 1965 Beach Boys' Party!
Beach Boys 1965 Summer Days (And Summer Nights!!)
Beach Boys 1966 Ann Arbor
Beach Boys 1966 Pet Sounds A Capella
Beach Boys 1966 Pet Sounds
Beach Boys 1967 A Vocal Element
Beach Boys 1967 Aloha From Hawaii (And Hollywood)
Beach Boys 1967 Smiley Smile
Beach Boys 1967 Wild Honey
Beach Boys 1968 Friends
Beach Boys 1969 20-20
Beach Boys 1969 Live in London
Beach Boys 1970 Sunflower
Beach Boys 1971 Surf's Up
Beach Boys 1972 Carl And The Passions So Tough
Beach Boys 1972 Holland
Beach Boys 1973 Beach Boys In Concert
Beach Boys 1976 15 Big Ones
Beach Boys 1977 Love You
Beach Boys 1978 M.I.U. Album
Beach Boys 1979 L.A. (Light Album)
Beach Boys 1980 Good Timin' Live at Knebworth
Beach Boys 1980 Keepin' The Summer Alive
Beach Boys 1982 Jamaica World Music Festival 26-Nov-1982
Beach Boys 1985 Beach Boys
Beach Boys 1989 Still Cruisin'
Beach Boys 1990 Unreleased Gems
Beach Boys 1992 Summer In Paradise
Beach Boys 1996 Pet Sounds Sessions
Beach Boys 1998 Endless Harmony Soundtrack
Beach Boys 2011 Smile Sessions
Beach Boys 2012 Beach Boys 50th Live in Chiba
Beach Boys 2012 Live Verizon Theatre Grand Prairie TX
Beach Boys 2012 That's Why God Made The Radio 96kbps
Beach Boys 2013 50th Anniversary Tour
Beach Boys 2013 @50 BBC Documentation
Beach Boys 2013 Made In California
Beach Boys Rarities

Beatles ENG
Beatles 1957-62 Strong Before Our Birth
Beatles 1958-1962
Beatles 1958-62 Quarrymen
Beatles 1961 First
Beatles 1961+Tony Sheridan 2011 First Recordings
Beatles 1961-70 Fab Forgeries
Beatles 1962 Cavern Tapes
Beatles 1962 DECCA Audition 01-Jan-1962
Beatles 1962 Kansas City Some Other Guy
Beatles 1962 Live At Star Club
Beatles 1962 Live! At The Star-Club
Beatles 1962-65 Live At The BBC
Beatles 1963 Bad To Me One And One Is Two
Beatles 1963 Beatles Bootleg Recordings
Beatles 1963 Reel To Reel Outtakes
Beatles 1963-68 Alternate Versions
Beatles 1963-69 Complete Christmas Collection
Beatles 19630322 Please Please Me
Beatles 19631122 With The Beatles
Beatles 1964 300000 Beatle Fans Can't Be Wrong
Beatles 1964 Long Tall Sally & BBC Sessions
Beatles 1964 She's A Woman
Beatles 1964-65 Live At The Hollywood Bowl
Beatles 19640120 Meet The Beatles US
Beatles 19640410 Beatles' Second Album US
Beatles 19640626 A Hard Day's Night Film OST
Beatles 19640710 A Hard Day's Night
Beatles 19640720 Something New US
Beatles 19641123 Beatles' Story US
Beatles 19641204 Beatles For Sale
Beatles 19641215 Beatles 65 US
Beatles 1965 12-Bar Original
Beatles 1965 Help!
Beatles 1965 Live At Shea Stadium
Beatles 19650322 Early Beatles US
Beatles 19650614 Beatles VI US
Beatles 19650806 Help!
Beatles 19650813 Help! Film OST
Beatles 19650818 Atlanta Live 18-Aug-1965
Beatles 19651203 Rubber Soul
Beatles 19651206 Rubber Soul US
Beatles 1966 Paperback Writer
Beatles 1966 Tour 66
Beatles 19660620 Yesterday And Today US
Beatles 19660805 Revolver
Beatles 19660808 Revolver US
Beatles 1967 Alternate Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band
Beatles 1967 Dig It
Beatles 1967 Sgt Pepper's
Beatles 1967-70 Sweetest Apples
Beatles 19670601 Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band
Beatles 19671208 Magical Mystery Tour
Beatles 1968 Acoustic Submarine
Beatles 1968 Magical Mystery Tour
Beatles 1968 Primal Colours
Beatles 1968 White
Beatles 19681122 White Album
Beatles 1969 And In The End
Beatles 1969 Get Back
Beatles 1969 Kum Back
Beatles 1969 Twickenham Sessions 1+2
Beatles 1969 Twickenham Sessions 3+4
Beatles 1969 Twickenham Sessions
Beatles 1969-70 Last Year
Beatles 196901 River Rhine Tapes
Beatles 19690117 Yellow Submarine
Beatles 19690926 Abbey Road
Beatles 19700226 Hey Jude US
Beatles 19700508 Let It Be
Beatles 1977 Indian Rope Trick The Echoes Of A Dream
Beatles 1983 Turn Me On Dead Man
Beatles 1984 Early Tapes Of The Beatles (with Tony Sheridan and Beat Brothers)
Beatles 1988 Past Masters
Beatles 1989 Strawberry Fields
Beatles 1992 CD Singles Collection
Beatles 1999 Vol1 That Means A Lot
Beatles 2000 Alternate Abbey Road
Beatles 2000 John Barrett's Cassete Dubs
Beatles 2000 Love Songs
Beatles 2000 Reel To Real Sessions
Beatles 2000 Vol2 Los Paranoias
Beatles 2000 Vol3 She Loves You
Beatles 2000 Vol4 How Do You Do It
Beatles 2000 Vol5 Odds & Ends
Beatles 2000 Vol6 Abbey Road Video Show
Beatles 2001 Acetate Collection
Beatles 2001 Men And Horses Hoops And Garters
Beatles 2001 Silver Beatles Original Decca Tapes And Cavern Club Rehearsals
Beatles 2005 Ultimate Sessions Collection
Beatles 2006 India & Unsorted
Beatles 2007 Let It Be Naked
Beatles 2008 Ultimate Acetate Collection from Beatlesource
Beatles 2013 At BBC Documentation
Beatles 2013 I Saw Her Standing There
Beatles 2013 On Air Live At The BBC Vol2
Beatles Sessions
Beatles Singles
Beatles by Beatles
Beatles by Black America
Beatles by Motown
Beatles by Others
Beatles by Swingle Singers tsc(acap)
Beatles by Torero Band tsc(tijuana style)
Beatles tsc()
Beatles tsc(12vc)
Beatles tsc(austro) Kollegium Kalksburg AUT
Beatles tsc(baroque) Bach Meets The Beatles
Beatles tsc(baroque) Bach On Abbey Road
Beatles tsc(baroque) Beatles Go Baroque Breiner FESKO
Beatles tsc(baroque) On Baroque Otaka TOKSO
Beatles tsc(bossa nova) IPABO
Beatles tsc(g) All Your Life Al Di Meola (g)
Beatles tsc(g) Korsbaek (g)
Beatles tsc(hp) Palmer (hp)
Beatles tsc(jazz)
Beatles tsc(orch) AUPSO (eher abschreckend!)
Beatles tsc(tp)

Beck Bogert+Appice ENG
Beck Bogert+Appice 1970 Live
Beck Bogert+Appice 1973

Bee Gees ENG
Bee Gees 1967 Bee Gees 1st
Bee Gees 1967 Idea
Bee Gees 1967 Main Course
Bee Gees 1968 Horizontal
Bee Gees 1969 Odessa
Bee Gees 1970 Cucumber Castle
Bee Gees 1990 Very Best
Bee Gees 1997 Still Waters
Bee Gees 1998 One Night Only
Bee Gees 2001 This Is Where I Came In
Bee Gees 2004 #1 Number Ones

Beggars Opera ENG
Beggars Opera 1971 The Vertigo Years Anthology

Ben E.King 1938-20xx xx USA
Ben E.King Collection

Ben Hall 1924-20xx xx USA
Ben Hall 2011 Ben Hall!

Bette Midler 1945-20xx xx USA
Bette Midler 1972 Divine Miss M

Bill Haley USA
Bill Haley 1985 From the Original Master Tapes

Bill Wyman 1936-20xx xx ENG
Bill Wyman's Rhythm Kings 1998 Anyway The Wind Blows
Bill Wyman's Rhythm Kings 2000 Groovin'
Bill Wyman's Rhythm Kings 2001 Double Bill
Bill Wyman's Rhythm Kings 2004 Just For A Thrill

Billy Bragg 1957-20xx xx ENG
Billy Bragg 2002+Blokes England Half-English

Billy Joel 1949-20xx xx USA
Billy Joel 1977 Stranger
Billy Joel 1978 52nd Street
Billy Joel 2000 Essential

Black Sabbath ENG
Black Sabbath 1970 Black Sabbath
Black Sabbath 1970 Paranoid NŽ1 Original Album
Black Sabbath 1970 Paranoid NŽ2 Quadradisc Mix In Stereo 1974
Black Sabbath 1970 Paranoid NŽ3 Montreux Live
Black Sabbath 1970 Paranoid NŽ4 Brussels Live
Black Sabbath 1971 Master Of Reality

Blind Faith ENG
Blind Faith 1969 Blind Faith+Xtra
Blind Faith 1969 Blind Faith
Blind Faith 2001 Blind Faith (Deluxe Edition CD2)

Blondie USA
Blondie 1978 Parallel Lines

Blood Sweat & Tears USA
Blood Sweat & Tears 1968
Blood Sweat & Tears 1970 Concertgebouw 20-Sep-1970
Blood Sweat & Tears 1977 Bottom Line
Blood Sweat & Tears 1992 Lugano

Blue Hawaiians USA
Blue Hawaiians 1997 Live At The Lava Lounge Vol2

Blue Stingrays USA
Blue Stingrays 1997 Surf'n Burn

Blues Band ENG
Blues Band 1980 Bootleg Album
Blues Band 1980 Ready
Blues Band 1989 Back For More
Blues Band 2011 Bestof

Blues Brothers USA
Blues Brothers 1989 Montreux Live
Blues Brothers Bestof

Bob Dylan 1941-20xx xx USA
Bob Dylan 1967 Highway 61 revisited
Bob Dylan 1974 Blood On The Tracks
Bob Dylan 1975+The Band Basement Tapes
Bob Dylan 1980 Saved
Bob Dylan 1984 Rome Palaeur Live 19-Jun-1984+Mick Taylor Santana
Bob Dylan 1985 Biograph
Bob Dylan 1986+Tom Petty Dueling Banjos
Bob Dylan 1986+Tom Petty True Confessions
Bob Dylan 1988-90+Traveling Wilburys Secret Tapes Of Lucky Boo
Bob Dylan 1989 Documents Vol2
Bob Dylan 1989 Oh Mercy
Bob Dylan 1993 30th Anniversary Concert Celebration
Bob Dylan 1995 Hard To Find
Bob Dylan 2000 Hard To Find Lost Recordings
Bob Dylan 2001 Love and Theft
Bob Dylan 2006 Modern Times
Bob Dylan 2012 Tempest
Bob Dylan 2016 Fallen Angels
Bob Dylan Mick Taylor Santana 1984 Rome Palaeur Live 19-Jun-1984

Bob Marley 1945-1981 36 JAM
Bob Marley & Wailers 2015 Roots Rock Remixed The Complete Sessions
Bob Marley&Wailers Bestof
Bob Marley&Wailers More

Bobby Hebb 1938-2010 72 USA
Bobby Hebb 2005 The Sunny Anthology 1960-1976

Bon Jovi USA
Bon Jovi 1984 Bon Jovi
Bon Jovi 1985 7800 Fahrenheit
Bon Jovi 1986 Slippery when Wet
Bon Jovi 1988 Lost Highway
Bon Jovi 1992 Keep the Faith
Bon Jovi 1994 Cross Road
Bon Jovi 1995 These Days
Bon Jovi 1997 Destination Anywhere 192
Bon Jovi 2000 Crush 192
Bon Jovi 2010 Greatest Hits
Bon Jovi 2015 Burning Bridges

Boney M DEU
Boney M Diamonds

Bonnie Bramlett 1944-20xx xx USA
Bonnie Bramlett 2006 I Can Laugh About It Now

Bonnie Tyler 1951-20xx xx ENG
Bonnie Tyler 2013 Rocks And Honey

Booker T & The MG's USA
Booker T & The MG's 1968 Soul Limbo
Booker T & The MG's 1970 McLemore Avenue
Booker T & The MG's 1991 Slims San Francisco Live
Booker T & The MG's 1998 Time Is Tight

Boston USA
Boston 1976 Boston

Box Tops USA
Box Tops 1959 Yesterday Where's My Mind
Box Tops 1987 Ultimate Box Tops
Brainbox 1969 The Very Best Of Brainbox
Brainbox NLD

Brian Setzer Orchestra USA
Brian Setzer Orchestra 1995 Warfield Theatre San Francisco

Brian Wilson 1942-20xx xx USA
Brian Wilson 1977 Adult Child (unreleased)
Brian Wilson 1994 Sweet Insanity B-Sides
Brian Wilson 1994 Sweet Insanity
Brian Wilson 1995 21 Little Ones
Brian Wilson 1995 I Just Wasn't Made For These Times
Brian Wilson 1995+van Dyke Parks Orange Crate Art
Brian Wilson 1996 Landylocked
Brian Wilson 1997 Jazz Portrait Wouldn't it be nice
Brian Wilson 1998 Imagination
Brian Wilson 2000 Brian Wilson
Brian Wilson 2002 Pet Sounds Live
Brian Wilson 2002 Roxy Theatre Live
Brian Wilson 2004 Carneige Hall
Brian Wilson 2004 Gettin' In Over My Head
Brian Wilson 2004 Smile
Brian Wilson 2008 That Lucky Old Sun
Brian Wilson 2010 Reimagines Gershwin
Brian Wilson 2011 In the Key of Disney
Brian Wilson 2013+Jeff Beck Bethlehem
Brian Wilson 2015 Atlantic City Live
Brian Wilson tsc(jazz)

Britney Spears 1981-20xx xx USA
Britney Spears 2000 Oops! I Did It Again
Britney Spears 2000 Your #1 Requests And More!
Britney Spears 2007 Blackout
Britney Spears 2008 Circus

Brooks & Dunn USA
Brooks & Dunn 1999 Tight Rope

Bruce Cockburn 1945-20xx xx CAN
Bruce Cockburn 1985 World of Wonders
Bruce Cockburn 1989 In a dragon jaw

Bruce Springsteen 1949-20xx xx USA
Bruce Springsteen 1975 Born To Run
Bruce Springsteen 1978 Darkness On The Edge Of Town
Bruce Springsteen 1984 Born in the USA
Bruce Springsteen 1988 Chimes of Freedom
Bruce Springsteen 1992 Human Touch 128 kbps
Bruce Springsteen 2006 Live 160 kbps
Bruce Springsteen 2006+E Street Band Hammersmitht Odeon
Bruce Springsteen 2008 Hamburg Live 21-06 2008
Bruce Springsteen Greatest Hits

Bryan Adams 1959-20xx xx CAN
Bryan Adams 1977 The Early Years
Bryan Adams 1980 Bryan Adams
Bryan Adams 1981 You Want It You Got It
Bryan Adams 1983 Cuts Like A Knife
Bryan Adams 1984 Reckless
Bryan Adams 1987 Into The Fire
Bryan Adams 1988 Live! Live! Live!
Bryan Adams 1991 Waking Up The Neighbours
Bryan Adams 1993 So Far So Good
Bryan Adams 1995 Have You Ever Really Loved A Woman
Bryan Adams 1996 18 Til I Die
Bryan Adams 1996 I Finally Found Someone (with Barbra Streisand)
Bryan Adams 1996 Let's Make A Night To Remember
Bryan Adams 1996 The Only Thing That Looks Good On Me Is You
Bryan Adams 1997 MTV Unplugged
Bryan Adams 1998 Ballads
Bryan Adams 1998 On A Day Like Today
Bryan Adams 1999 The Best Of Me
Bryan Adams 2002 Spirit 128 kbps
Bryan Adams 2002 Spirit L'etalon Des Plaines
Bryan Adams 2002 Spirit Stallion Of The Cimarron
Bryan Adams 2004 Room Service
Bryan Adams 2005 Anthology
Bryan Adams 2005 Live In Lisbon
Bryan Adams 2008 11
Bryan Adams 2010 Bang The Drum (with Nelly Furtado) [~224 kbps]
Bryan Adams 2010 Bare Bones
Bryan Adams 2015 Get Up

Bryan Ferry 1945-20xx xx ENG
Bryan Ferry 1974 Another Time Another Place
Bryan Ferry 1999 As Time Goes By
Bryan Ferry 2002 Frantic
Bryan Ferry 2007 Dylanesque
Bryan Ferry 2010 Olympia
Bryan Ferry 2012+Orchestra The Jazz Age
Bryan Ferry 2013 Live In Lyon (Nuits de Fourviere)

Buddy Holly 1936-1959 23 USA
Buddy Holly Bestof

Byrds USA
Byrds 1964 Preflyte rms
Byrds 1965 Mr Tambourine Man
Byrds 1965 Turn! Turn! Turn!
Byrds 1965-67 Rare Studio Outtakes & Sessions
Byrds 1965-71 Bonus Tracks
Byrds 1966 Fifth Dimension
Byrds 1967 Younger than Yesterday
Byrds 1968 Notorious Byrd Brothers
Byrds 1968 Sweetheart of the Rodeo
Byrds 1969 Ballad of Easy Rider
Byrds 1969 Dr Byrds and Mr Hyde
Byrds 1969 Live At The Fillmore
Byrds 1970 Another Show At The Ash Grove
Byrds 1970 Louisville KY 20-Apr-1970
Byrds 1970 Oberlin College Ohio
Byrds 1970 Pacific Stadium 20-Sep-1970 Stockton
Byrds 1970 Untitled-Unissued
Byrds 1971 Byrdmaniax
Byrds 1971 Farther Along
Byrds 1971 Straight For The Sun
Byrds 1973 Byrds Reunion
Byrds 1980 Singles 1965-1967
Byrds 2001 Play Songs of Bob Dylan
CCR 1968 Creedence Clearwater Revival
CCR 1969 Bayou Country
CCR 1969 Green River
CCR 1969 Willy And The Poor Boys
CCR 1970 Cosmo's Factory
CCR 1970 Pendulum
CCR 1972 Mardi Gras

CCR Creedence Clearwater Revival USA

CCS Collective Consciousness Society ENG

CSN Crosby Stills And Nash USA
CSN 1977 CSN
CSN 1982 Daylight again
CSN 1984 Westwood One
CSN 1990 Live It Up
CSN 1994 After The Storm
CSN 2005 Greatest Hits

CSNY Crosby Stills Nash And Young USA
CSNY 1970 D┌jË vu
CSNY 1971 4 Way Street
CSNY 1999 Looking Forward
CSNY 2014 CSNY 1974

Caf┌ del Mar ESP
Caf┌ del Mar 06 1999

Calexico USA
Calexico 2009 Nuremberg Live
Calexico 2015 Edge Of The Sun Limited Deluxe Edition

Canned Heat USA
Canned Heat 2000 Blues Band
Canned Heat Bestof

Caravan ENG
Caravan 1971 In The Land Of Grey And Pink

Carl Wilson 1946-1998 52 USA
Carl Wilson 1981 Carl Wilson
Carl Wilson 1983 Youngblood

Caro Emerald 1981-20xx xx NLD
Caro Emerald 2010 Deleted Scenes From the Cutting Room Floor
Caro Emerald 2011 Live in Concert Amsterdam
Caro Emerald 2013 The Shocking Miss Emerald

Carole King 1942-20xx xx USA
Carole King 2015 A Beautiful Collection

Cars USA
Cars 1978 The Cars

Cat Stevens 1948-20xx xx ENG
Cat Stevens 1966 Matthew&Son
Cat Stevens 1970 Tea for the Tillerman
Cat Stevens 1971 Mona Bone Jakon
Cat Stevens 1971 Teaser and the Firecat
Cat Stevens 1972 Catch Bull at Four
Cat Stevens 1977 Izitso
Cat Stevens 1989 Past Masters
Cat Stevens 2001 Yusuf Islam A is for Allah
Cat Stevens 2006 Yusuf An Other Cup
Cat Stevens 2008 The Very Bestof Cat Stevens
Cat Stevens 2009 Roadsinger
Cat Stevens vs Yusuf

Caterina Valente 1931-20xx xx ITA
Caterina Valente 1957 In New York

Cesar Rosas 1954-20xx xx MEX
Cesar Rosas 1999 Soul Disguise

Cheap Trick USA
Cheap Trick 1977 In Color
Cheap Trick 1979 At Budokan

Chemical Brothers ENG
Chemical Brothers Dig your own hole 128 kbps

Chet Atkins (g) 1924-2001 77 USA
Chet Atkins 1996 Picks On The Beatles

Chicago USA
Chicago 1969 Chicago I Transit Authority
Chicago 1971 Chicago At Carnegie Hall
Chicago 1983 Westwood One Live
Chicago 1993 At The Greek Theatre LA
Chicago 2003 What's It Gonna Be Santa
Chicago 2011 O Christmas Three

Chris Farlowe 1940-20xx xx ENG
Chris Farlowe 1988+Spencer Davis&Pete York Extremely Live
Chris Farlowe 1991+Roy Herrington Live In Berlin

Chris Hillman 1944-20xx xx USA
Chris Hillman 1996+Herb Pedersen Bakersfield Bound

Chris Rea ENG
Chris Rea 1991 Auberge
Chris Rea 2001 King Of The Beach

Chris de Burgh 1948-20xx xx IRL
Chris de Burgh 1979 Crusader
Chris de Burgh 1989 Spark To A Flame (Very Best)
Chris de Burgh 2002 Timing is Everything
Chris de Burgh 2006 The Storyman
Chris de Burgh Bestof
Chris de Burgh tsc(orch) BELPO

Chuck Berry 1926-20xx xx USA
Chuck Berry 1982 The Roxy
Chuck Berry Bestof

Clash ENG
Clash 1979 London Calling

Cliff Richard 1940-20xx xx ENG
Cliff Richard 1959 Cliff Sings
Cliff Richard 1959 Cliff
Cliff Richard 1960 Me and my Shadows
Cliff Richard 1961 21 Today
Cliff Richard 1961 Listen to Cliff
Cliff Richard 1961 The Shadows
Cliff Richard 1962 32m 17s with Cliff
Cliff Richard 1962 Milestones Of A Legend
Cliff Richard 1962 Out of the Shadows
Cliff Richard 1962 The young ones
Cliff Richard Sampler

Cold Chisel 1991 Chisel
Cold Chisel AUS

Coldplay ENG
Coldplay 2000 Parachutes
Coldplay 2002 A Rush Of Blood To The Head
Coldplay 2005 X And Y
Coldplay 2011 Mylo Xyloto

Colosseum ENG
Colosseum 1969 Live Boston Tea Party
Colosseum 1969 Those Who Are About To Die Salute You
Colosseum 1969 Valentyne Suite+bonus
Colosseum 1970 Daughter of Time
Colosseum 1971 Colosseum Live 2004
Colosseum 1971 Colosseum Live
Colosseum 1994 Complete Reunion Concert Cologne
Colosseum 1997 Bread&Circuses
Colosseum 2003 Tomorrow's Blues
Colosseum 2005 LIVE05
Colosseum 2009 Morituri Te Salutant Colosseum 1968-2003 On Stage & In The Studio
Colosseum 2014 Time On Our Side

Colosseum II ENG
Colosseum II 1976 Strange New Flesh
Colosseum II 1977 Electric Savage
Colosseum II 1977 War Dance
Colosseum II 1978 Variations (Andrew Lloyd Webber)

Connells USA
Connells 1994 Ring

Connie Francis 1938-20xx xx USA
Connie Francis

Corey Harris USA
Corey Harris 1999 Greens from the Garden

Corrs 1995 Forgiven Not Forgotten
Corrs 1998 Live At Royal Albert Hall
Corrs 1998 Talk on Corners
Corrs 1999 Unplugged
Corrs 2000 In Blue
Corrs 2001 Beauty Of Love
Corrs 2001 Corrs & BBC Orchestra Live In London
Corrs 2001 Live In London
Corrs 2002 Live In Dublin
Corrs 2004 Borrowed Heaven
Corrs 2005 Home
Corrs 2006 Dreams Ultimate Corrs Collection
Corrs IRL

Crash Test Dummies 1993 God Shuffled his Feet
Crash Test Dummies CAN

Cream ENG
Cream 1966 Fresh Cream
Cream 1967 Disraeli Gears
Cream 1968 Wheels of Fire
Cream 1969 Goodbye Cream
Cream 1970+72 Live Cream & Live Cream VolII
Cream 1997 Live
Cream 2005 Royal Albert Hall Live

Daft Punk FRA
Daft Punk Discovery 128 kbps

Dave Edmunds (g) 1944-20xx xx ENG
Dave Edmunds 1993 Anthology 1968-1990
Dave Gahan And Soulsavers 2015 Angels And Ghosts

Dave Gahan ex Depeche Mode 1962-20xx xx ENG

David Bowie 1947-2016 69 ENG
David Bowie 1964-1966 Early On 1991
David Bowie 1966 1966
David Bowie 1967 David Bowie
David Bowie 1969 Love You Till Tuesday sampler
David Bowie 1969 Space Oddity 24bit
David Bowie 1969 Space Oddity Ryko
David Bowie 1969 Space Oddity
David Bowie 1970 The Man Who Sold The World 24bit
David Bowie 1970 The Man Who Sold The World Ryko
David Bowie 1970 The Man Who Sold The World
David Bowie 1971 Hunky Dory 24bit
David Bowie 1971 Hunky Dory Ryko
David Bowie 1971 Hunky Dory
David Bowie 1972 Rise And Fall Of Ziggy Stardust 24bit
David Bowie 1972 Rise And Fall Of Ziggy Stardust RCA PVD1-4702
David Bowie 1972 Rise And Fall Of Ziggy Stardust Ryko
David Bowie 1972-1975 Absolutely Rare 1996 192
David Bowie 1973 Aladdin Sane 24bit
David Bowie 1973 Aladdin Sane Ryko
David Bowie 1973 Aladdin Sane
David Bowie 1973 Pinups Ryko
David Bowie 1973 Pinups
David Bowie 1973-1978 RarestOneBowie sampler
David Bowie 1974 David Live Ryko
David Bowie 1974 David Live
David Bowie 1974 Diamond Dogs Ryko
David Bowie 1974 Diamond Dogs
David Bowie 1975 Young Americans Ryko
David Bowie 1975 Young Americans
David Bowie 1976 ChangesOneBowie sampler
David Bowie 1976 Station To Station Ryko
David Bowie 1976 Station To Station-2
David Bowie 1976 Station To Station
David Bowie 1977 Heroes
David Bowie 1977 Low Ryko
David Bowie 1977 Low
David Bowie 1977-1999 All saints Collected +nstrumentals 2001 sampler
David Bowie 1978 Stage
David Bowie 1979 Lodger Ryko
David Bowie 1979 Lodger
David Bowie 1980 Scary Monsters Ryko
David Bowie 1980 Scary Monsters-2
David Bowie 1980 Scary Monsters
David Bowie 1980 Vampires Of Human Flesh 192
David Bowie 1981 Christiane F Wir Kinder Vom Bahnhof Zoo OST
David Bowie 1982 Cat People Putting Out Fire single
David Bowie 1983 Let's Dance 192
David Bowie 1984 Fame and Fashion sampler
David Bowie 1984 Tonight
David Bowie 1986 Labyrinth OST
David Bowie 1986 Magic Dance single
David Bowie 1987 Glass Spider
David Bowie 1987 Never Let Me Down single
David Bowie 1987 Never Let Me Down
David Bowie 1989 Prisoner Of Love Tin Machine
David Bowie 1989 Shadow Man outtakes
David Bowie 1989 Tin Machine
David Bowie 1990 ChangesBowie Ryko
David Bowie 1991 Baby Universal Tin Machine
David Bowie 1991 Naked & Wired
David Bowie 1991 Sound + Vision Remix single
David Bowie 1991 Tin Machine II
David Bowie 1991 You Belong In Rock'n'Roll Tin Machine UK
David Bowie 1991 Young Americans
David Bowie 1992 Oy Vey Baby 192
David Bowie 1993 Black Tie White Noise
David Bowie 1993 Miracle Goodnight single
David Bowie 1993 Real Cool World single
David Bowie 1995 London Boy
David Bowie 1995 Outside-1
David Bowie 1995 Tonight
David Bowie 1996 Outside-2
David Bowie 1997 Deram Anthology 1966-1968
David Bowie 1997 Earthling Bonus EP
David Bowie 1997 Earthling In The City
David Bowie 1997 Earthling
David Bowie 1997 Limited Edition 3 Track Sampler Promo France
David Bowie 1997 Perfect Day VA BBC
David Bowie 1997+Philip Glass Heroes Symphony Aphex Twin Remix
David Bowie 1999 Hours
David Bowie 1999 VH1 Storytellers
David Bowie 1999 Without You I'm Nothing Placebo ft David Bowie EU
David Bowie 1999+Queen Under Pressure
David Bowie 2000 BBC Radio Theatre
David Bowie 2000 Bowie At The Beeb
David Bowie 2002 Best Of Bowie
David Bowie 2002 Bestof Bowie 192
David Bowie 2002 Heathen 192
David Bowie 2002 Heathen
David Bowie 2003 Club Bowie 192
David Bowie 2003 Just For One Day Heroes 192
David Bowie 2003 Let's Dance
David Bowie 2003 Never Get Old single
David Bowie 2003 Reality
David Bowie 2003 Ziggy Stardust OST
David Bowie 2004 Black Tie White Noise
David Bowie 2004 Outside
David Bowie 2004 Rebel Never Gets Old single
David Bowie 2004 Sound+Vision
David Bowie 2006 Arnold Layne
David Bowie 2006 Best Of
David Bowie 2007 Province TV UK Promo
David Bowie 2007 Secret Songs
David Bowie 2007 The Buddha Of Suburbia Remaster
David Bowie 2008 Live Santa Monica '72
David Bowie 2008 iSelect
David Bowie 2009 Benassi vs Bowie DJ 192-
David Bowie 2010 A Reality Tour
David Bowie 2013 Next Day
David Bowie 2013 The Next Day 320kbps
David Bowie 2013 The Next Day Extra
David Bowie 2013 The Next Day
David Bowie 2016 Blackstar
David Bowie Sampler 2.Wahl
David Clayton Thomas 1972 David Clayton Thomas

David Clayton-Thomas 1941-20xx CAN
David Clayton-Thomas 2005 In Concert A Musical Biography

David Gilmour 1946-20xx xx ENG
David Gilmour 2006 On an Island

David Hasselhoff 1952-20xx xx USA
David Hasselhoff Sampler

De-Phazz DEU
De-Phazz 1997 Detunized Gravity
De-Phazz 1999 The Mambo Craze

Dean Brown FRA
Dean Brown 2001 Here

Deep Purple ENG
Deep Purple 1969 Deep Purple

Deep Purple 1969+ROYPO Concert (goup orch) Arnold ROYPO
Deep Purple 1969+ROYPO Live at Albert Hall
Deep Purple 1972 Live in Japan
Deep Purple 1996 Live at Montreux
Deep Purple 1997 Machine Head
Deep Purple 2013 Now What
Deep Purple Best

Def Leppard ENG
Def Leppard 2015 Def Leppard

Delaney & Bonnie USA
Delaney & Bonnie 1969 Accept No Substitute

Depeche Mode ENG
Depeche Mode 2014 Live Berlin

Derek And The Dominos USA
Derek And The Dominos 1970 Layla And Other Assorted Love Songs

Diana Ross 1944-20xx xx USA
Diana Ross 1994 Extended
Diana Ross 1998+Supremes Ultimate Collection

Dick Dale (g) 1937-20xx USA
Dick Dale 196 Surf Music

Dire Straits ENG
Dire Straits 1978 Dire Straits
Dire Straits 1979 Communiqu┌
Dire Straits 1980 Making Movies
Dire Straits 1984 Alchemy
Dire Straits 1985 Brothers in Arms
Dire Straits 1991 On Every Street
Dire Straits 1992 St-Jacob Stadium Basel

Don McLean 1945-20xx xx USA
Don McLean 1980 American Pie

Donald Fagen 1948-20xx xx USA
Donald Fagen 1993 Kamakiriad
Donald Fagen 2006 What I Do
Donald Fagen 2012 Sunken Condos

Donovan 1946-20xx xx SCO
Donovan 1969 Greatest Hits

Doobie Brothers USA
Doobie Brothers 1972 Toulouse Street

Doors USA
Doors 1966 London Fog
Doors 1967 Doors
Doors 1967 Go Insane Los Angeles 22-Dec-1967
Doors 1967 Strange Days
Doors 1968 Live At The Bowl '68
Doors 1968 Stockholm ŽTapes
Doors 1968 Waiting for the Sun
Doors 1969 Live In Hollywood
Doors 1969 Soft Parade
Doors 1970 Bright Midnight Live In America
Doors 1970 Isle of Wight Festival 30-Aug-1970
Doors 1970 Morrison Hotel
Doors 1971 LA Woman 40th Anniversary
Doors 1971 LA Woman
Doors 1972 Weird Scenes Inside the Gold Mine
Doors 1978 An American Prayer
Doors 1983 Alive She Cried
Doors 2007 Very Best 40th Anniversary
Doors 2013 Behind Closed Doors The Rarities
Doors FILM When You're Strange OST

Dr.John 1940-20xx xx USA
Dr.John 2001 Creole Moon

Drifters USA
Drifters 2015 Stand By Me Very Best

Duane Allman 1946-1971 25 USA
Duane Allman 2013 Skydog the Duane Allman Retrospective

Duane Eddy (g) 1938-20xx xx USA
Duane Eddy 1962 Twistin' 'N' Twangin'
Duane Eddy 1993 Twang Thang Duane Eddy Anthology

EAV Erste Allgemeine Verunsicherung DEU
EAV 1983 Spitalo Fatalo
EAV 1987 Liebe Tod&Teufel

ELO Electric Light Orchestra ENG
ELO 1974 Hamburg 19741110
ELO 2000 Flashback
ELO 2015 Alone In The Universe Deluxe Edition

ELP 1970 Emerson Lake & Palmer (Deluxe-Edition)
ELP 1970 Isle of Wight Live
ELP 1971 Tarkus
ELP 1972 Pictures at an Exhibition
ELP 1973 Brain Salad Surgery
ELP 1977 Des Moines Live
ELP 1977 Works
ELP 1978 Love Beach
ELP 1992 Black Moon
ELP 1993 Royal Albert Hall Live
ELP 1994 In The Hot Seat
ELP 1997 Poland Live
ELP 1998 Then & Now
ELP 2006 Pomp and Ceremony
ELP 2006 Trilogy
ELP 2010 High Voltage Festival London
ELP 2016 Anthology

ELP Emerson Lake & Palmer ENG

Eagles USA
Eagles 1972 Eagles
Eagles 1973 Desperado
Eagles 1973 Earlybird (Live at BBC Theater)
Eagles 1974 On The Border
Eagles 1975 One Of These Nights
Eagles 1976 Hotel California
Eagles 1978 Please Come Home For Christmas
Eagles 1979 The Long Run
Eagles 1980 Eagles Live
Eagles 1980 The LA Long Run
Eagles 1994 Hell Freezes Over
Eagles 1994 Live Giants Stadium
Eagles 1994 Live In The Fast Lane Reunion Concert
Eagles 1994 MTV 2nd Night Unplugged
Eagles 1994 Second Night (Unplugged)
Eagles 1994 The Eagle Has Landed
Eagles 2000 Selected Works 1972-1999
Eagles 2001 Live In Lucca
Eagles 2007 Long Road out of Eden
Eagles 2009 New Zealand Concert

Earth Wind+Fire USA

Ed Sheeran 1991-20xx xx ENG
Ed Sheeran 2015 X Wembley Edition
Ekseption Bestof
Ekseption NLD

Elliott Smith 1969-2003 34 USA
Elliott Smith 2007 New Moon

Elton John 1947-20xx xx ENG
Elton John 1973 Goodbye Yellow Brick Road
Elton John 1975 Captain Fantastic And The Brown Dirt Cowboy

Elvis Costello (g voc) 1954-20xx xx ENG
Elvis Costello 1978+Attractions This Year's Model
Elvis Costello 1992+Brodsky Quartet Juliet Letters
Elvis Costello 1996 All this useless Beauty
Elvis Costello 1998+Burt Bacharach Painted From Memory
Elvis Costello 2004 Delivery Man
Elvis Costello 2006 River in Reverse
Elvis Costello 2008+Imposters Momofuku
Elvis Costello 2009 Secret Profane&Sugarcane
Elvis Costello 2010 National Ransom
Elvis Costello The Man (Bestof)

Elvis Presley 1935-1977 42 USA
Elvis Presley 1956 Elvis Presley
Elvis Presley 1956 Elvis
Elvis Presley 1957 Loving You
Elvis Presley 1960 Elvis is Back
Elvis Presley 1960 GI Blues
Elvis Presley 1974-75 Guaranteed To Blow Your Mind
Elvis Presley 2015+ROYPO If I Can Dream

Emmylou Harris USA
Emmylou Harris 1975 Elite Hotel
Emmylou Harris 1975 Pieces Of The Sky
Emmylou Harris 1976 Luxury Liner
Emmylou Harris 1978 Quarter Moon In A Ten Cent Town
Emmylou Harris 1979 Blue Kentucky Girl
Emmylou Harris 1980 Roses In The Snow
Emmylou Harris 1981 Cimarron
Emmylou Harris 1981 Evangeline
Emmylou Harris 1983 White Shoes
Emmylou Harris 1986 Thirteen

Engerling 1994 Engerling
Engerling AUT

Enya IRL
Enya 2000 A Day Without Rain

Eric Burdon 1941-20xx xx ENG
Eric Burdon 1967 Starportrait
Eric Burdon 1968+Animals Every One of Us
Eric Burdon 1993+Brian Auger Access All Areas Live
Eric Burdon 1996+Animals When We Were Young
Eric Burdon 1996+Jimmy Witherspoon Black and White Blues
Eric Burdon 1998 Warsaw
Eric Burdon 2003+Animals
Eric Burdon 2013 'Till Your River Runs Dry

Eric Clapton 1945-20xx xx ENG
Eric Clapton 1973 Rainbow Concert
Eric Clapton 1974 461 Ocean Boulevard
Eric Clapton 1975 Legendary L.A.Forum Show+C.Santana K.Moon J.Cocker
Eric Clapton 1977 Slowhand (Deluxe Edition)
Eric Clapton 1977 Slowhand
Eric Clapton 1978 Backless
Eric Clapton 1978 Time Pieces
Eric Clapton 1980 Just One Night
Eric Clapton 1981 Another Ticket
Eric Clapton 1985 Behind the Sun
Eric Clapton 1986-87 Unreleased Live Album
Eric Clapton 1989 Journeyman
Eric Clapton 1989+Mark Knopfler Twelfth Night
Eric Clapton 1990 Blues Night Royal Albert Hall
Eric Clapton 1990 Royal Albert Hall+NATOR 2-Oct-1990
Eric Clapton 1991 24 Nights
Eric Clapton 1991 Play With Fire Royal Albert Hall 17.02.1991
Eric Clapton 1992 Rarities
Eric Clapton 1992 Unplugged (Deluxe Version)
Eric Clapton 1992 Unplugged
Eric Clapton 1992 Unsurpassed Eric Clapton
Eric Clapton 1994 From The Cradle
Eric Clapton 1997+Craig Chaquico Blue Universe
Eric Clapton 1998 Pilgrim
Eric Clapton 1999 Best Unreleased Sessions Album
Eric Clapton 2000+B.B.King Riding With The King
Eric Clapton 2001 Eric Clapton
Eric Clapton 2001 Live In Philip Arena Atlanta
Eric Clapton 2001 Reptile
Eric Clapton 2004 Me and Mr Johnson 128 kbps
Eric Clapton 2006+JJ Cale Road to Escondido
Eric Clapton 2007 Crossroads Guitar Festival
Eric Clapton 2009+Steve Winwood Madison Square Garden Live
Eric Clapton 2010 Clapton
Eric Clapton 2010 Live
Eric Clapton 2011+Wynton Marsalis Play The Blues Lincoln Center Live
Eric Clapton 2013 Old Sock
Eric Clapton 2014 Tokyo February 21
Eric Clapton 2015 Forever Man
Eric Clapton 2015 Slowhand at 70
Eric Clapton 2016 I Still Do
Eric Clapton 2016+Guests Crossroads Guitar Festivals

Eric Gales 1974-20xx xx USA
Eric Gales 2013 Ghost Notes

Eros Ramazzotti 1963-20xx xx ITA
Eros Ramazzotti 1997 Eros

Eurythmics ENG
Eurythmics 1983-1989 Live
Eurythmics 2005 Ultimate

Eydie Gorme 1928-2013 85 USA
Eydie Gorme 1970+Los Panchos Quatro Vidas
Eydie Gorme 1996+Los Panchos Vol2

Faces ENG
Faces 1973 In Concert Paris Theatre London

Fairport Convention ENG
Fairport Convention 1969 Liege & Lief
Fairport Convention 2015 Myths And Heroes

Faith Hill 1967-20xx xx USA
Faith Hill 2001 There You'll Be
Faith Hill 2005 Fireflies

Faith No More USA
Faith No More 1998 Who Cares a Lot

Falco 1957-1998 41 AUT
Falco 1982 Einzelhaft
Falco 1995 Golden Hits
Falco 1999 Final Curtain

Fleetwood Mac ENG
Fleetwood Mac 1970 Then Play On
Fleetwood Mac 1973 Penguin
Fleetwood Mac 1975 Fleetwood Mac
Fleetwood Mac 1977 Rumours
Fleetwood Mac 1987 Tango In The Night
Fleetwood Mac 1997 The Dance

Flying Burrito Bros USA
Flying Burrito Bros 1972 Last Of The Red Hot Burritos
Flying Burrito Bros 1973 Honky Tonk Heaven

Focus NLD
Focus 1972 The Sky Will Fall Over London Tonight
Focus 1974 Hamburger Concerto
Focus 1977 Ship Of Memories
Focus 1985 Hocus Pocus
Focus 2002 Focus 8
Focus 2006 Focus 9 New Skin

Four Aces USA
Four Aces 2010 The Hits

Four Tops USA
Four Tops 1956-1992 Fourever

Frank Zappa 1940-1993 53 USA
Frank Zappa 1966 Freak Out!
Frank Zappa 1968 Cruising With Ruben&the Jets
Frank Zappa 1968 Lumpy Gravy
Frank Zappa 1968 The String Quartet
Frank Zappa 1968 We're Only In It For The Money
Frank Zappa 1969 Uncle Meat
Frank Zappa 1971 200 Motels
Frank Zappa 1971+John Lennon Live At Fillmore East
Frank Zappa 1972 (2012) Finer Moments
Frank Zappa 1973 Armadillo World Headquarters
Frank Zappa 1975 Orchestral Favorites
Frank Zappa 1976 Zoot Allures
Frank Zappa 1979 Joe's Garage Acts 1-3
Frank Zappa 1979 Sheik Yerbouti++
Frank Zappa 1983 London SO
Frank Zappa 1984 Boulez conducts Zappa The Perfect Stranger
Frank Zappa 1984 Francesco Zappa
Frank Zappa 1987 Guitar World According to Frank Frank Zappa
Frank Zappa 1988 You Can't Do That on Stage Anymore
Frank Zappa 1991 'Tis The Season To Be Jelly
Frank Zappa 1991 Make A Jazz Noise Here
Frank Zappa 1991 The Best Band You Never Heard in Your Life
Frank Zappa 1993 Yellow Shark
Frank Zappa 1995 London SO Nagano LONSO
Frank Zappa 1997 Strictly Genteel
Frank Zappa 2008 Bogus Pomp St.Katharinen
Frank Zappa 2009 Lumpy Money Project-Object
Frank Zappa 2014 Joe's Camouflage
Frank Zappa 2015 Dance Me This

Freddie Mercury 1946-1991 45 ENG
Freddie Mercury 1985 Mr Bad Guy
Freddie Mercury 1992 The Great Pretender
Freddie Mercury 1993 The Album
Freddie Mercury 2012 Barcelona feat.Montserrat Caballe
Freddie Mercury 2016 Messenger Of The Gods

Free ENG
Free 1968 Tons Of Sobs
Free 1969 Free
Free 1970 Fire And Water
Free 1970 Highway
Free 1972 Free At Last
Free 1991 All Right Now Bestof

Frumpy DEU
Frumpy 1971 Frumpy 2
Frumpy 1972 By The Way

Fury In The Slaughterhouse DEU
Fury In The Slaughterhouse 1998 Nowhere Fast!

GTR Guitar ENG
GTR 1986 GTR

Garden of Delight DEU
Garden of Delight Dawn
Garden of Delight Dusk

Gary Brooker 1945-20xx xx ENG
Gary Brooker 1979 No More Fear Of Flying
Gary Brooker 1982 Lead Me To The Water
Gary Brooker 1985 Echoes In The Night
Gary Brooker 1996 Within Our House

Gary Moore 1952-2011 58 IRL
Gary Moore 1982-1994 Ballads & Blues
Gary Moore 1990 Still Got The Blues
Gary Moore 2003 Live at Monsters of Rock

Gary Wright 1943-20xx xx USA
Gary Wright 1975 Dream Weaver

Gene Clark 1944-1991 47 USA
Gene Clark 1967 Gene Clark With The Gosdin Brothers
Gene Clark 1971 Gene Clark (Aka White Light)

Gene Kelly 1912-1996 84 USA
Gene Kelly Filmmusik hist

Genesis ENG
Genesis 1970 Trespass
Genesis 1971 Nursery Cryme
Genesis 1972 Foxtrot
Genesis 1973 Selling England By The Pound
Genesis 1975 A Trick Of The Tail
Genesis 1975 Archive
Genesis 1981 Abacab
Genesis 1982 Three Sides Live
Genesis 1983 Genesis
Genesis 1986 Invisible Touch
Genesis 1991 We can't dance
Genesis 1992 The way we walk
Genesis 1997 Calling All Stations
Genesis 1999 Turn It On Again

Gentle Giant ENG
Gentle Giant 1970 Gentle Giant
Gentle Giant 1971 Acquiring The Taste
Gentle Giant 1972 Octopus
Gentle Giant 1972 Three.Friends
Gentle Giant 1973 In A Glass House
Gentle Giant 1974 The Power And The Glory
Gentle Giant 1974 The Power and The Glory (newmix 2014)
Gentle Giant 1975 Capitol Studios West Hollywood
Gentle Giant 1975 Free Hand
Gentle Giant 1975 King Biscuit Flower Hour Live
Gentle Giant 1976 Interview
Gentle Giant 1977 Playing The Fool Complete
Gentle Giant 1977 The Missing Piece
Gentle Giant 1978 Giant For A Day
Gentle Giant 1980 Civilian
Georg Fame 1971+Alan Price Together

George Harrison 1943-2001 58 ENG
George Harrison 1970 All Things Must Pass
George Harrison 1971+Friends Bangladesh Concert
George Harrison 1987 Cloud Nine
George Harrison 1997 Acoustic Masterpieces
George Harrison 2009 Let It Roll

George Martin 1926-20xx xx ENG
George Martin 1998 In My Life

George Michael 1963-2016 53 ENG
George Michael 1987 Faith
George Michael 1990 Listen Without Prejudice
George Michael 1996 Older
George Michael 1998 Ladies & Gentlemen The Best Of
George Michael 2014 Symphonica

Georgie Fame 1943-20xx xx ENG
Georgie Fame 1968 The Third Face of Fame
Georgie Fame 1971+Alan Price Together

Gerry And The Pacemakers ENG
Gerry And The Pacemakers Best of

Gerry Rafferty 1947-2011 64 ENG
Gerry Rafferty 1971 Can I have my Money back
Gerry Rafferty 1977 City to City
Gerry Rafferty 1979 Night Owl
Gerry Rafferty 1988 North and South
Gerry Rafferty 1993 Hamburg Live Musikhalle 12-Feb-1993

Gianna Nannini 1956-20xx xx ITA
Gianna Nannini 1987 Maschi e Altri
Gianna Nannini 2013 Inno
Gianna Nannini 2015 Hitstory

Ginger Baker 1939-20xx xx ENG
Ginger Baker 1998+DJQ20 Coward of the County

Gloria Estefan 1957-20xx xx CUB
Gloria Estefan 1990 Exitos

Gnags DNK
Gnags En Underlig Fisk
Gnags Gnags Greatest
Gnags Har De Puttet Noget I Kaffen
Gnags Plads til begejstring

Golden Earring NLD
Golden Earring 2001 Eight miles back 128 kbps

Gossip USA
Gossip 2008 Live in Liverpool
Gossip 2009 Music for Men

Grace Slick 1939-20xx xx USA
Grace Slick 1974 Manhole
Grace Slick 1980 Dreams

Graham Bond 1937-1974 37 ENG
Graham Bond 1964 ORGANization Live At Klooks Kleek
Graham Bond 1967 Love Is The Law
Graham Bond 1968 Mighty Graham Bond
Graham Bond 1970 Holy Magick
Graham Bond ORGANization 1963-64 Singles+Rarities
Graham Bond ORGANization 1965 The Sound Of 65 ThereŽs A Bond Between Us
Graham Bond ORGANization 1966-67 Singles&Rarities Vol3
Graham Bond Organization 1970 Solid Bond

Grand Funk Railroad USA
Grand Funk Railroad 1971 E Pluribus Funk
Grand Funk Railroad 1971 Survival
Grand Funk Railroad 1975 Caught in the Act
Grand Funk Railroad 1976 Born To Die
Grand Funk Railroad 1976 Good Singin' Good Playin'

Grateful Dead USA
Grateful Dead 1970 American Beauty
Grateful Dead 1970 Workingman's Dead

Green Day USA
Green Day 2009 21st Century Breakdown
Green Day 2012 Uno Dos Tr┌!

Greg Lake 1947-2016 69 ENG
Greg Lake 1981 Greg Lake
Greg Lake 1983 Manoeuvres
Greg Lake 2007 Live
Greg Lake 2013 Songs Of A Lifetime

Gregg Allman (g) 1947-20xx xx USA
Gregg Allman 2011 Low Country Blues

Groundhogs ENG
Groundhogs 1970 Thank Christ For The Bomb
Groundhogs 1972 Hogwash
Groundhogs 1974 Solid
Groundhogs Solid

Guns N'Roses USA
Guns N'Roses 1987 Appetite For Destruction
Guns N'Roses Greatest Hits

Hamburg '75 DEU

Hamburg Blues Band DEU
Hamburg Blues Band 2013 Friends For A LIVEtime

Hannes Kr¸ger DEU
Hannes Kr¸ger 1988 Der Blonde Hans
Hannes Kr¸ger 1988 Fix&Fertig
Hannes Kr¸ger 1989 Es wird Nacht auf St.Pauli

Heiligenkreuz Zisterzienser AUT

Helge Schneider 1955-20xx xx DEU
Helge Schneider 2003 Out of Kakt│s
Helge Schneider 2004 29 sehr gute Geschichten
Helge Schneider 2007 Live 128 kbps

Herbert Gr¸nemeyer 1956-20xx xx DEU
Herbert Gr¸nemeyer 1984 4630 Bochum
Herbert Gr¸nemeyer 1988 ═
Herbert Gr¸nemeyer 2002 Mensch Maxi-CD
Herbert Gr¸nemeyer 2002 Mensch

Herman's Hermits ENG
Herman's Hermits 2008 Into Something Good (Mickie Most Years 1964-1972)

Hollies ENG
Hollies 1969 Sing Dylan
Hollies 1997 At Abbey Road 1963-1966
Hollies 1997 At Abbey Road
Hollies 1998 At Abbey Road 1966-1970
Hollies 1998 At Abbey Road 1973-1989
Hollies 20 Years

Howlin' Wolf 1910-1976 66 USA
Howlin' Wolf 1971 London Sessions

Huey Lewis 1950-20xx xx USA
Huey Lewis&News Greatest Hits

Humble Pie ENG
Humble Pie 1971 Performance Rockin' the Fillmore
Humble Pie 1971 Rock On

Ian Anderson 1947-20xx xx ENG
Ian Anderson 1998 The Secret Language Of Birds
Ian Anderson 2014 Homo Erraticus

Iggy And The Stooges USA
Iggy And The Stooges 1973 Raw Power

Iguanas USA
Iguanas 2003 Plastic Silver 9 Volt Heart

Ike And Tina Turner USA
Ike And Tina Turner 1969 Outta Season
Ike And Tina Turner 1969 The Hunter

Imagine Dragons USA
Imagine Dragons 2015 Smoke Mirrors Deluxe Edition Web

Iron Butterfly USA
Iron Butterfly 1968 In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida

JJ Cale 1938-2013 75 USA
JJ Cale 1979 In Session At Paradise Studios LA
JJ Cale 2001 Live

Jack Bruce 1943-2014 71 SCO
Jack Bruce 1968 Things We Like (Remastered)
Jack Bruce 1969 Songs For A Tailor (Remastered)
Jack Bruce 1971 Harmony Row
Jack Bruce 1971-78 Spirit Live At The BBC
Jack Bruce 1974 Out Of The Storm (Remastered)
Jack Bruce 1975 The Jack Bruce Band Live
Jack Bruce 1976 How's Tricks (Remastered)
Jack Bruce 1978 Jet Set Jewel (Remastered)
Jack Bruce 1980 I've Always Wanted To Do This
Jack Bruce 1980 Live At Bottom Line NYC
Jack Bruce 1982+Robin Trower Truce
Jack Bruce 1987 Somethin' Els
Jack Bruce 1989 A Question Of Time
Jack Bruce 1993 Cities of the Heart
Jack Bruce 1993 The 50th Birthday Concerts
Jack Bruce 1994+Baker Moore Around The Next Dream (Remastered)
Jack Bruce 1995 Monkjack
Jack Bruce 1999 Concert Classics 09
Jack Bruce 2001 Doing this .On Ice
Jack Bruce 2001 Shadows In The Air
Jack Bruce 2003 More Jack Than God
Jack Bruce 2007+hr-Bigband
Jack Bruce 2008 Can You Follow
Jack Bruce 2008+Robin Trower Seven Moons
Jack Bruce 2009+Robin Trower Seven Moons Live
Jack Bruce 2012+His Big Blues Band Live
Jack Bruce 2014 Silver Rails

Jack Casady 1944-19xx xx USA
Jack Casady 2003 Dream Factor

Jack Wolfskin DEU

Jackson Browne 1948-20xx xx USA
Jackson Browne 1974 Late For The Sky

James Blunt 1969-20xx xx ENG
James Blunt 2004 Back to Bedlam
James Blunt 2006 Live in Ireland
James Blunt 2007 All the Lost Souls

James Brown 1933-2006 73 USA
James Brown 2003 Live
James Brown Sex-Machine Live

James Taylor 1948-20xx xx USA
James Taylor 1970 Amchitka Greenpeace Launching Concert
James Taylor 1979 Acoustic Live & Rarities Vol1
James Taylor 2013 Essential

Jan Akkerman 1946-20xx xx NLD
Jan Akkerman 1974 Guitar (Talent) For Sale
Jan Akkerman 1978 Aranjuez
Jan Akkerman 1980 Pleasure Point
Jan Akkerman 1993 Puccini's Cafe
Jan Akkerman 1994 Blues Hearts
Jan Akkerman 2006 C.U.2 Live in Tokyo
Jan Akkerman 2007+Matt Schofield Live at De Bosuil

Jan Hammer 1948-20xx xx CZE
Jan Hammer 1987 Escape From Television

Jane Birkin 1946-20xx xx ENG
Jane Birkin 2004 Best Of

Janet Jackson USA
Janet Jackson 2003 Bestof

Janis Joplin 1943-1970 27 USA
Janis Joplin 1967 Big Brother & The Holding Company
Janis Joplin 1968 Cheap Thrills
Janis Joplin 1969 I Got Dem Ol' Kozmic Blues Again Mama!
Janis Joplin 1969 Rare Pearls
Janis Joplin 1971 Pearl
Janis Joplin 1999 Box Of Pearls
Janis Joplin 2016 Janis Little Girl Blue OST
Jardine Al 2010 A Postcard From California

Jean Michel Jarre 1948-20xx FRA
Jean Michel Jarre 2015 Electronica 1 The Time Machine

Jeff Beck 1944-20xx xx ENG
Jeff Beck 1968 Truth (remas)
Jeff Beck 1969 Beck-Ola (remas)
Jeff Beck 1971 Rough And Ready
Jeff Beck 1972 Jeff Beck Group
Jeff Beck 1973 Beck Bogert&Appice
Jeff Beck 1975 Blow by Blow
Jeff Beck 1975 Wired
Jeff Beck 1977+Jan Hammer Group Live
Jeff Beck 1980 There And Back
Jeff Beck 1985 Flash
Jeff Beck 1989 Jeff Beck's Guitar Shop
Jeff Beck 1993 Star Box
Jeff Beck 1999 Who Else!
Jeff Beck 2001 You Had It Coming
Jeff Beck 2003 Jeff
Jeff Beck 2006 Official Bootleg USA
Jeff Beck 2009 Live In Tokyo
Jeff Beck 2010 Emotion & Commotion
Jeff Beck 2010 Live at Grammy Museum
Jeff Beck 2011 Rock'n'Roll Party
Jeff Beck 2015 Live
Jeff Beck 2016 Loud Hailer

Jefferson Airplane USA
Jefferson Airplane 1967 Surrealistic Pillow

Jennifer Lopez 1969-20xx xx USA
Jennifer Lopez 2001 Epic

Jennifer Rush 1960-20xx xx USA
Jennifer Rush 1985 Destiny 128 kbps
Jennifer Rush 1990 Passion 128 kbps

Jens Thomas DEU
Jens Thomas Speed Of Grace

Jethro Tull ENG
Jethro Tull 1969 Stand Up
Jethro Tull 1970 Benefit
Jethro Tull 1971 Aqualung
Jethro Tull 1972 Thick as a Brick
Jethro Tull 1985 Masters
Jethro Tull 1988 Rock Island
Jethro Tull 1999 Dot Com
Jethro Tull 2003 Live At Montreux
Jethro Tull 2007 Aqualuna
Jethro Tull 2012 Thick As A Brick 2 Whatever Happened to Gerald Bostock

Jim Morrison 1943-1971 27 USA
Jim Morrison 1978 An American Prayer

Jimi Hendrix 1942-1970 27 USA
Jimi Hendrix 1965+Curtis Knight & The Squires Knock Yourself Out
Jimi Hendrix 1967 Are you Experienced
Jimi Hendrix 1968 Electric Ladyland
Jimi Hendrix 1968+B.B.King Kings Jam
Jimi Hendrix 1969 Machine Gun Fillmore East 1st Show 12-31-1969
Jimi Hendrix 1969 Stockholm Live 09-Jan-1969
Jimi Hendrix 1969 Woodstock
Jimi Hendrix 1970 Band of Gypsys
Jimi Hendrix 1970 Blue Wild Angel [Live at of Wight]
Jimi Hendrix 1970+John Lennon Bootleg
Jimi Hendrix 1973 Film Soundtrack Recordings
Jimi Hendrix 1984 Kiss the Sky
Jimi Hendrix 1994 Blues
Jimi Hendrix 1996 Get That Feeling & Flashing
Jimi Hendrix 2000 Purple Haze
Jimi Hendrix 2013 Jimi Hendrix Experience
Jimi Hendrix 2013 People Hell and Angels
Jimi Hendrix Bestof
Jimi Hendrix Biografie

Jimmy Page & Robert Plant ENG
Jimmy Page & Robert Plant 1994 No Quarter

Joan Baez 1941-20xx xx USA
Joan Baez 1959 Folksingers 'Round Harvard
Joan Baez 1960 Joan Baez
Joan Baez 1987 Imagine
Joan Baez 1989 Diamonds And Rust In The Bullring
Joan Baez 1995 Ring Them Bells
Joan Baez 1996 Live At Newport
Joan Baez 2009 How Sweet the Sound

Joe Bonamassa 1977-20xx xx USA
Joe Bonamassa 2012 Greatest Hits

Joe Cocker 1944-2014 70 ENG
Joe Cocker 1970 Mad Dogs&Englishmen
Joe Cocker 1989 One Night of Sin
Joe Cocker 1990 Live 05 Oct 1989 Lowell MA
Joe Cocker 2011 Lucca Summer Festival 15-Jul7-2011
Joe Cocker 2012 Fire It Up
Joe Cocker 2015 Life Of A Man Ultimate Hits 1968-2013

Joe Satriani 1956-20xx xx USA
Joe Satriani 1989 Flying In A Blue Dream
Joe Satriani 1993 The Beautiful Guitar 056kbps
Joe Satriani 1995 Joe Satriani 056kbps
Joe Satriani 1998 Crystal Planet 056kbps
Joe Satriani 2000 Engines of Creation
Joe Satriani 2002 Strange Beautiful Music 056kbps
Joe Satriani 2006 Super Colossal
Joe Satriani 2008 Professor Satchafunkilus And The Musterion Of Rock
Joe Satriani 2013 Unstoppable Momentum

John Fogerty 1945-20xx xx USA
John Fogerty 1997 Blue Moon Swamp
John Fogerty 2013 Los Angeles

John Hiatt 1952-20xx xx USA
John Hiatt 1987 Bring The Family
John Hiatt 1993 Perfectly Good Guitar
John Hiatt 1998 Bestof

John Lee Hooker 1917-2001 84 USA
John Lee Hooker 1992 Boom Boom-org
John Lee Hooker 1992 Boom Boom

John Lennon 1940-1980 40 ENG
John Lennon 1969
John Lennon 1970 Plastic Ono Band
John Lennon 1971 Imagine
John Lennon 1972 Live In New York City
John Lennon 1973 Mind Games
John Lennon 1975 Rock'n'Roll
John Lennon 1975 Shaved Fish
John Lennon 1980 Double Fantasy
John Lennon 1983 Milk and Honey
John Lennon 1984+Yoko Ono Milk And Honey
John Lennon 1989 Collection
John Lennon 1997 Very Bestof
John Lennon 2004 Acoustic
John Lennon 2005 Bestof

John Mayall 1933-20xx xx ENG
John Mayall 1966 Primal Solos London Live (Eric Clapton Mick Taylor Jack Bruce)
John Mayall 1966+Blues Breakers with Eric Clapton
John Mayall 1967+Bluesbreakers A Hard Road
John Mayall 1967+Bluesbreakers Crusade
John Mayall 1967+Bluesbreakers Live
John Mayall 1968+Bluesbreakers Bare Wires
John Mayall 2003 70th Birthday Concert
John Mayall 2015 Find A Way To Care

John Sebastian 1944-20xx xx USA
John Sebastian 2001 Fauthful Virtue

John Wetton 1949-20xx xx ENG
John Wetton 1994 Battle Lines
John Wetton 2001 Sinister
John Wetton 2008 ICON II-Rubicon

Johnny Cash 1932-2003 71 USA
Johnny Cash 1978 The Unissued
Johnny Cash Hits
Johnny Cash Legend 128 kbps

Johnny Hates Jazz ENG
Johnny Hates Jazz 1988 Turn Back the Clock

Johnny Nash 1940-20xx xx USA
Johnny Nash Bestof

Jon Mark 1944-20xx xx ENG
Jon Mark 1975 Songs For A Friend

Joni Mitchell 1943-20xx xx CAN
Joni Mitchell 1970 Amchitka Greenpeace Launching Concert
Joni Mitchell 1972 Carnegie Hall Live 23-Feb-1972
Joni Mitchell 1974 Miles Of Aisles
Joni Mitchell 1980 Shadows And Light
Joni Mitchell 1994 Turbulent Indigo
Joni Mitchell 2007 Shine

Julie Driscoll 1947-20xx xx ENG
Julie Driscoll 1969+Brian Auger+Trinity Streetnoise
Julie Driscoll 2004+Brian Auger+Trinity A Kind of Love In 1967-1971

Junior Wells (har) 1934-1998 64 USA
Junior Wells 1995 Everybody's Gettin' Some

Kate Bush 1958-20xx xx ENG
Kate Bush 1985 Hounds Of Love
Kate Bush 1986 The Whole Story
Kate Bush 1989 The Sensual World
Kate Bush 2005 Aerial

Keith Emerson 1944-2016 72 ENG
Keith Emerson 2009+Glenn Hughes & Marc Bonilla Boys Club

Keith Richards 1943-20xx xx ENG
Keith Richards 2015 Crosseyed Heart

Keith West 1943-20xx xx ENG
Keith West 1967 Teenage Opera
Kenny Wayne 1999+Shepherd Band Live On
Kenny Wayne 2010+Shepherd Live! Chicago

Kenny Wayne Shepherd 1977-20xx xx USA
Kenny Wayne Shepherd 2005 Ledbetter Heights

Kid Rock 1971-20xx xx USA
Kid Rock 2010 MTV World Stage Malta

King Crimson ENG
King Crimson 1969 In The Court Of The Crimson King
King Crimson 1970 In The Wake Of Poseidon
King Crimson 1970 Lizard
King Crimson 1972 Ladies of the Road Live
King Crimson 1973 Larks' Tongues In Aspic
King Crimson 1995 THRAK
King Crimson 1996 THRaKaTTaK
King Crimson 2000 Heavy ConstruKction
King Crimson 2003 The Power To Believe

Kinks ENG
Kinks 1966 Face to Face 2004
Kinks 1966 Face to Face
Kinks 1967 Something Else By The Kinks
Kinks 1979 Low Budget
Kinks 1987 Greatest Hits
Kinks 1987 Hit Singles
Kinks 1993 Phobia
Kinks 1996 To The Bone
Kinks 1999 Give The People What They Want
Kinks 2004 State of Confusion
Kinks 2009 Choral Collection

Kiss USA
Kiss 1975 Alive! 2cd
Kiss 1976 Destroyer
Kiss Bestof

Klaus Hoffmann 1951-20xx xx DEU
Klaus Hoffmann 1983 Ciao Bella

Kool & the Gang USA
Kool & Gang Bestof

Kraftwerk DEU
Kraftwerk 1974 Autobahn
Kraftwerk 1978 Die Mensch-Maschine 128 kbps
Kraftwerk 1981 Computerwelt 128 kbps
Kraftwerk 1991 The Mix 128 kbps

Laura Nyro 1947-1887 49 USA
Laura Nyro 1966 More Than A New Discovery
Laura Nyro 1969 New York Tendaberry
Laura Nyro 1976 Smile
Laura Nyro 1978 Nested
Laura Nyro 1993 Walk the Dog&Light the Light
Laura Nyro 2001 Angel In The Dark

Led Zeppelin ENG
Led Zeppelin 1969 Led Zeppelin II
Led Zeppelin 1970 Led Zeppelin III
Led Zeppelin 1972 Led Zeppelin IV
Led Zeppelin 1973 Houses Of The Holy
Led Zeppelin 1975 Physical Graffiti
Led Zeppelin 1976 The Sound Remains The Same OST

Lenny Kravitz 1964-20xx xx USA
Lenny Kravitz 2015 Just Let Go Live

Leo Kottke 1945-20xx xx USA
Leo Kottke Bestof

Leona Lewis 1985-20xx xx ENG
Leona Lewis 2012 Glassheart

Leonard Cohen 1934-2016 82 CAN
Leonard Cohen 1969 Songs From A Room
Leonard Cohen 1971 Songs Of Love And Hate
Leonard Cohen 1974 New Skin For The Old Ceremony
Leonard Cohen 1975 Greatest Hits
Leonard Cohen 1977 Death Of A Ladies' Man
Leonard Cohen 1984 Various Positions
Leonard Cohen 1992 The Future
Leonard Cohen 2004 Dear Heather
Leonard Cohen 2014 I'm Your Man
Leonard Cohen 2015 Can't Forget A Souvenir Of The Grand Tour
Leonard Cohen 2016 You Want It Darker

Les Humphries Singers DEU
Les Humphries Singers 2001 Greatest Hits Das Beste
Les Humphries Singers DEU

Les Paul 1915-2009 94 USA
Les Paul 1936-1947 Complete Trios Plus
Les Paul 1968 Les Paul Now!
Les Paul 1971+Trio Guitar Artistry
Les Paul 1991 Legend&Legacy
Les Paul 2005+Friends American Made World Played

Leslie West 1945-20xx xx USA
Leslie West 2003 Blues To Die For
Leslie West 2015 Soundcheck

Linda Ronstadt 1946-20xx xx USA
Linda Ronstadt 1977 Atlanta For The Kangoroos
Linda Ronstadt 1979 Live at Budokan Tokyo
Linda Ronstadt 1980 Mad Love Live LA
Linda Ronstadt 1987 Canciones De Mi Padre
Linda Ronstadt 1991 Mas Canciones
Linda Ronstadt 1993 Boleros Y Rancheras

Little Feat USA
Little Feat 1970 Hoy-Hoy!
Little Feat 1996 Live from Neon Park
Little Feet 2008 Join the Band

Lonzo Westphal 1952-2001 49 HAM
Lonzo 1977 Die Gedanken sind frei

Los Lobos USA
Los Lobos 1992 Kiko Live
Los Lobos 1992 Kiko
Los Lobos 1999 Mt Tabor Theater Portland
Los Lobos 2000 El Cancionero Mas Y Mas
Los Lobos 2002 Good Morning Aztlan

Los Super Seven USA
Los Super Seven 1998 Los Super Seven

Lou Reed 1942-2013 71 USA
Lou Reed 1972 Transformer
Lou Reed 1974 Rock'n'Roll Animal
Lou Reed 2011+Metallica Lulu

Love Sculpture ENG
Love Sculpture 1968 Blues Helping
Love Sculpture 1969 Forms And Feelings

Lovin' Spoonful USA
Lovin' Spoonful 1966 Do you believe in Magic
Lovin' Spoonful 1967 Everything Playing

Lynyrd Skynyrd USA
Lynyrd Skynyrd 1973 Pronounced 'leh 'nerd 'skin 'nerd
Lynyrd Skynyrd 1974 Second Helping
Lynyrd Skynyrd 1992 Outlaw Biker

Madonna 1958-20xx xx USA
Madonna 1983 Madonna
Madonna 1984 Like A Virgin
Madonna 1986 True Blue
Madonna 1987 You can dance
Madonna 1989 Like a Prayer
Madonna 1992 Erotica
Madonna 1994 Bedtime Stories
Madonna 1995 Something to Remember
Madonna 1998 Ray Of Light
Madonna 2000 Music
Madonna 2002 Die Another Day
Madonna 2003 American Life 112 kbps
Madonna 2007 Confessions Tour
Madonna Greatest Hits2

Mamas And Papas USA
Mamas and Papas Golden Greats

Manfred Mann 1940-20xx xx ENG
Manfred Mann Singles Album
Manfred Mann's Earth Band 1973 Solar Fire
Manfred Mann's Earth Band 1975 Nightingales and Bombers
Manfred Mann's Earth Band 1977 Pinkpop Festival Netherlands 30-May-1977

Manuel G¸ttsching 1952-20xx-xx DEU
Man▀ 1999 Unplugged
Man▀ MEX

Marc Anthony 1968-20xx xx USA
Marc Anthony 2013 3.0

Marilyn Monroe 1926-1962 36 USA
Marilyn Monroe

Mark Knopfler 1949-20xx xx ENG
Mark Knopfler 1973+Dave Edmunds The Booze Brothers
Mark Knopfler 1983 Local Hero
Mark Knopfler 1984 Comfort And Joy
Mark Knopfler 1984 Music from 'Cal'
Mark Knopfler 1987 The Princess Bride
Mark Knopfler 1989 Last Exit To Brooklyn
Mark Knopfler 1990 Neck And Neck
Mark Knopfler 1990 The Notting Hillbillies Missing..Presumed Having a Good Time
Mark Knopfler 1993 Screenplaying
Mark Knopfler 1996 Golden Heart
Mark Knopfler 1996 Last Exit To Hamburg
Mark Knopfler 1996 Live In Copenhagen
Mark Knopfler 1996 The Golden Globe
Mark Knopfler 1998 Metroland
Mark Knopfler 1998 Wag The Dog
Mark Knopfler 2000 Sailing To Philadelphia
Mark Knopfler 2000 What It Is
Mark Knopfler 2001 A Shot at Glory
Mark Knopfler 2001 Live In Lucca
Mark Knopfler 2002 England B-Sides
Mark Knopfler 2002 The Ragpicker's Dream
Mark Knopfler 2003 Guitar Dreams
Mark Knopfler 2004 Shangri-La
Mark Knopfler 2005 One Take Radio Sessions
Mark Knopfler 2006 All The Roadrunning
Mark Knopfler 2006 Real Live Roadrunning
Mark Knopfler 2007 Berlin Meistersaal
Mark Knopfler 2007 Kill To Get Crimson
Mark Knopfler 2009 Get Lucky
Mark Knopfler 2012 Privateering (Deluxe Edition)
Mark Knopfler 2012 Privateering
Mark Knopfler 2015 Tracker
Mark Knopfler 2016+Evelyn Glennie Altamira

Mark-Almond ENG
Mark-Almond 1971 Mark-Almond I
Mark-Almond 1972 Rising
Mark-Almond 1973 Mark-Almond '73
Mark-Almond 1976 To The Heart
Mark-Almond 1978 Other Peoples Rooms

Max Herre 1973-20xx xx DEU
Max Herre 2009 Ein Geschenkter Tag (2)
Max Herre 2009 Ein Geschenkter Tag
Max Herre 2012 Hallo Welt
Max Herre MTV Unplugged Kahedi Radio Show 2CD DE 2013 VOiCE (2)
Max Herre MTV Unplugged Kahedi Radio Show 2CD DE 2013 VOiCE

McGuinn Clark Hillman USA
McGuinn Clark Hillman 1978 Live At The Boarding House
McGuinn Clark Hillman 1979 McGuinn Clark & Hillman
McGuinn Clark Hillman 1980 City

Meat Loaf USA
Meat Loaf 1977 Bat Out Of Hell

Men at Work 1983 Cargo
Men At Work AUS

Metallica USA
Metallica 1996 Load 128 kbps
Metallica 1997 Reload 128 kbps

Michael Bubl┌ 1975-20xx xx CAN
Michael Bubl┌ 2013 To Be Loved

Michael Jackson 1958-2009 50 USA
Michael Jackson 1982 Thriller
Michael Jackson 2001 Invincible
Michael Jackson 2005 Essential
Michael Jackson 2014 Xscape

Mick Jagger 1943-20xx xx ENG
Mick Jagger 1985 She's The Boss
Mick Jagger 1988 Tokyo Shuffle
Mick Jagger 1993 Wandering Spirit

Midnight Oil AUS
Midnight Oil 1987 Diesel And Dust

Mike & the Mechanics ENG
Mike & the Mechanics 1985 Mike & the Mechanics
Mike & the Mechanics 1988 Living Years
Mike & the Mechanics 1991 Words of Mouth
Mike & the Mechanics 1995 Beggar on a Beach of Gold
Mike & the Mechanics 1996 Hits
Mike & the Mechanics 1999 M6
Mike & the Mechanics 2004 Rewired

Mike Bloomfield 1943-1981 38 USA
Mike Bloomfield 1968+Al Kooper Fillmore East The Lost Concert Tapes
Mike Bloomfield 1968+Al Kooper Live Adventures
Mike Bloomfield 1968+Al Kooper+Steve Stills Super Session
Mike Bloomfield 1996 RX For The Blues

Mike Love 2005 Mike Love Not War (PreRelease)
Mike Love 2006 Santa's Goin' To Kokomo

Mike Oldfield 1953-20xx xx ENG
Mike Oldfield 1973 Tubular Bells
Mike Oldfield 1974 Hergest Ridge
Mike Oldfield 1975 Ommadawn
Mike Oldfield 1975 Orchestral Tubular Bells
Mike Oldfield 1978 Incantations
Mike Oldfield 1982 Five Miles Out
Mike Oldfield 1983 Crises
Mike Oldfield 1984 Discovery
Mike Oldfield 1990 Amarok
Mike Oldfield 2008 Music Of The Spheres
Mike Oldfield 2017 Return To Ommadawn
Milow 2016 Modern Heart
Milow BEL

Milva 1939-20xx xx ITA
Milva Nur das Beste

Mitch Ryder 1945-20xx xx USA
Mitch Ryder 1987 Naked But Not Dead

Monkees ENG
Monkees Bestof

Montrose USA
Montrose 1973 Montrose

Monty Python ENG

Moody Blues ENG
Moody Blues 1981 Poplar Creek Chicago
Moody Blues 1984 Voices in the Sky
Moody Blues 1986 VCR BBC TV Broadcast
Moody Blues 1992 Washington State Fair 25-Sep-1992
Moody Blues 1994 Starlight Traveler
Moody Blues 2002 A Night At Red Rocks

Mott The Hoople ENG
Mott The Hoople 1973 Mott
Mott The Hoople 2004 30 Jahre

MŘnchener Freiheit 1989 Purpurmond
MŘnchener Freiheit DEU

Nazareth Greatest Hits
Nazareth SCO

Neil Diamond 1941-20xx xx USA
Neil Diamond 1992 Songbook

Neil Young 1945-20xx xx USA
Neil Young 1970 After The Gold Rush
Neil Young 1972 Harvest
Neil Young 1975 Tonight's The Night
Neil Young 1979 Rust Never Sleeps
Neil Young 1993 Unplugged
Neil Young 1999+Crazy Horse Live Rust
Neil Young 2014 A Letter Home
Neil Young 2015 And Bluenote Cafe
Neil Young 2016 Peace Trail

Nena 1960-20xx xx DEU
Nena 1992 Bongo Girl
Nena 2001 Chokmah
Nena 2002 Nena feat Nena
Nena 2004 Nena Live
Nena 2005 Willst du mit mir geh'n
Nena 2007 Cover Me
Nena 2009 Made in Germany

Neville Brothers USA
Neville Brothers 1990 Brother's Keeper

Nice ENG
Nice 1967 Thoughts of Emerlist Davjack
Nice 1968 Ars Longa Vita Brevis
Nice 1969 Fillmore East Live
Nice 1970 Five Bridges
Nice 1971 Elegy
Nice 2002 Vivacitas
Nice Greatest Hits

Nick Cave 1957-20xx xx AUS
Nick Cave 1994+Bad Seeds 1994 Let love In

Nina Simone 1933-2003 70 USA
Nina Simone 2008 To Be Free
Nina Simone

Nitty Gritty Dirt Band USA
Nitty Gritty Dirt Band 1972 Will The Circle Be Unbroken
Nitty Gritty Dirt Band 2003 Will The Circle Be Unbroken The Trilogy

Ofra Haza 1957-2000 43 ISR
Ofra Haza 1985 Yemenite Songs
Ofra Haza 1988 Shaday

Otis Redding 1941-1967 26 USA
Otis Redding 1967 Soupcon Of Soul
Otis Redding

PP Arnold 1946-20xx xx USA
PP Arnold 2001 The First Cut Immediate Anthology

Patti Smith 1946-20xx-xx USA
Patti Smith 1988 Dream of Life

Paul Kantner 1941-2016 75 USA
Paul Kantner 1973 Baron Von Tollbooth & The Chrome Nun
Paul Kantner 1983 Planet Earth Rock'n'Roll Orchestra

Paul McCartney 1942-20xx xx ENG
Paul McCartney 1968 Step Inside Love
Paul McCartney 1971 RAM
Paul McCartney 1973+Wings Band On The Run
Paul McCartney 1979+Wings Last Flight
Paul McCartney 1984 Broad Street
Paul McCartney 1993 Off The Ground
Paul McCartney 2002 Back In The US
Paul McCartney 2002 Fly South America Mexico City 03-Nov-2002
Paul McCartney 2002+Brian Wilson Open Hearts Clear Mines
Paul McCartney 2003 Back In The World
Paul McCartney 2005 Chaos And Creation
Paul McCartney 2009 Good Evening New York City
Paul McCartney 2010 Apollo Live 13-Dec-2010
Paul McCartney 2010 White House 02-Jun-2010
Paul McCartney 2012 Kisses On The Bottom
Paul McCartney 2013 BBC Radio 2 In Concert
Paul McCartney 2013 BBC Radio 6
Paul McCartney 2013 New (Deluxe Edition)
Paul McCartney 2013 by others In Key of Paul McCartney
Paul McCartney 2014 by others The Art of Paul McCartney
Paul McCartney 2016 Pure McCartney
Paul McCartney by others

Paul Simon 1941-20xx xx USA
Paul Simon 1971 Paul Simon
Paul Simon 1973 There Goes RhyminŽ Simon
Paul Simon 1975 Still crazy after all these years
Paul Simon 1979 One Trick Pony
Paul Simon 1986 Graceland
Paul Simon 1990 Rhythm of the Saints
Paul Simon 1991 NY Central Park Live
Paul Simon 1993 Anthology
Paul Simon 1997 Songs from the Capeman
Paul Simon 2000 You're the One
Paul Simon 2006 Surprise
Paul Simon 2011 Live In New York City
Paul Simon 2011 So Beautiful or So What
Paul Simon 2016 Stranger To Stranger

Paul Young 1956-20xx xx ENG
Paul Young 2008 No Parlez

Pavlov's Woody USA
Pavlov's Woody 2001 Instrumentality

Percy Sledge 1940-2015 75 USA
Percy Sledge 2008 The Heart Of Soul

Pete Seeger 1919-2014 94 USA
Pete Seeger 1963 We Shall Overcome Complete Carnegie Hall Concert
Pete Seeger American Folk Anthology

Pete Townshend ENG
Pete Townshend 1985 White City
Pete Townshend 1995 Psychodelict

Peter Frampton 1950-20xx xx ENG
Peter Frampton 1976 Frampton Comes Alive!
Peter Frampton 1995 Frampton Comes Alive II
Peter Frampton 2003 Now
Peter Frampton 2006 Fingerprints

Peter Gabriel 1950-20xx xx ENG
Peter Gabriel 1978 Peter Gabriel 2
Peter Gabriel 1982 Plays Live Highlights
Peter Gabriel 1986 'So' (rms 2002)
Peter Gabriel 1992 Us
Peter Gabriel 1993 Kiss That Frog
Peter Gabriel 2002 Long Walk Home
Peter Gabriel 2003 Hit
Peter Gabriel 2013 I'll Scratch Yours

Peter Green 1946-20xx xx ENG
Peter Green 1977 Last Train To San Antone
Peter Green 1998 In The Skies
Peter Green 2001 Songbook
Peter Green Splinter Group 2001 Blues Don't Change
Peter Green Splinter Group 2001 Time Traders
Peter Green Splinter Group 2002 Bestof
Peter Green Splinter Group 2003 Reaching The Cold 100

Peter Kraus 1939-20xx xx DEU
Peter Kraus 2015 Das Beste zum Schluss

Peter Maffay 1949-20xx xx DEU
Peter Maffay 1976 Und Es War Sommer
Peter Maffay 1979 Steppenwolf
Peter Maffay 1989 Kein Weg Zu Weit

Peter Sarsteadt 1941-20xx xx ENG
Peter Sarstedt 2007 The Best of Peter Sarstedt
Phil Anthony Kn│pffer 'Cousin'

Phil Collins 1951-20xx xx ENG
Phil Collins 1984 No Jacket Required Deluxe Edition 2016
Phil Collins 1989 But seriously
Phil Collins 1990 Serious Hits Live
Phil Collins 2004 Love Songs
Phil Collins 2016 Both Sides

Phil Ochs 1940-1976 36 USA
Phil Ochs 1970 Amchitka Greenpeace Launching Concert

Phish USA
Phish 1993 Rift
Phish 1996 Billy Breathes
Phish 1998 Story of The Ghost

Pink Floyd ENG
Pink Floyd 1967 Piper At The Gates of Dawn
Pink Floyd 1968 A Saucerful of Secrets
Pink Floyd 1969 More FILM
Pink Floyd 1969 Ummagumma Live Album
Pink Floyd 1969 Ummagumma Studio Album
Pink Floyd 1970 Atom Heart Mother
Pink Floyd 1971 Meddle
Pink Floyd 1972 Obscured By Clouds
Pink Floyd 1973 Dark Side Of The Moon
Pink Floyd 1974 Masters Of Rock
Pink Floyd 1975 Wish You Were Here
Pink Floyd 1977 Animals
Pink Floyd 1979 The Wall
Pink Floyd 1983 The Final Cut
Pink Floyd 1987 A Momentary Laps of Reason
Pink Floyd 1988 Delicate Sound of Thunder
Pink Floyd 1994 Division Bell 20th Anniversary Deluxe Edition
Pink Floyd 1994 Division Bell
Pink Floyd 1994 Wall
Pink Floyd 1995 Pulse
Pink Floyd 2001 Bestof 128 kbps
Pink Floyd 2011 Wish You Were Here Remaster
Pink Floyd 2013 Inner World of Pink Floyd
Pink Floyd 2014 Endless River

Police ENG
Police 1979 Outlandos D'amour
Police 1979 Regatta De Blanc
Police Every Breath You Take The Singles

Popa Chubby 1960-20xx xx USA
Popa Chubby 1991 It's Chubby Time
Popa Chubby 1995 Booty and the Beast
Popa Chubby 1996 Gas Money
Popa Chubby 1996 Hit the High Hard One Live
Popa Chubby 1996 The First Cuts
Popa Chubby 1997 One Million Broken Guitars
Popa Chubby 1999 Brooklyn Basement Blues
Popa Chubby 1999 One Night Live In New York City
Popa Chubby 1999 Popa Chubby Presents New York City Blues
Popa Chubby 2000 How'd a White Boy Get the Blues
Popa Chubby 2001 Flashed Back feat Galea
Popa Chubby 2001 Presents New York City Blues Again
Popa Chubby 2002 Black Coffee Blues Band
Popa Chubby 2002 The Good the Bad and the Chubby
Popa Chubby 2003 Live at FIP
Popa Chubby 2003 Old School play Muddy Willie and more
Popa Chubby 2003 The Hungry Years
Popa Chubby 2004 Peace Love and Respect
Popa Chubby 2005 Big Man Big Guitar
Popa Chubby 2005 Ten Years With Popa Chubby
Popa Chubby 2005 Wild Live
Popa Chubby 2006 Electric Chubbyland
Popa Chubby 2006 Stealing the Devil's Guitar
Popa Chubby 2007 Deliveries After Dark
Popa Chubby 2008 Vicious Country
Popa Chubby 2010 The Fight Is On
Popa Chubby 2011 Back To New York City
Popa Chubby 2013 Universal Breakdown Blues

Pretty Things ENG
Pretty Things 2004 Still Unrepentant

Prince 1958-20xx xx USA
Prince 1984 Purple Rain
Prince 2003 N.E.W.S

Procol Harum ENG
Procol Harum 1967 A Whiter Shade of Pale-CD-
Procol Harum 1967 Procol Harum 2009 rms
Procol Harum 1967 Procol Harum-LP-
Procol Harum 1967-1 Procol Harum
Procol Harum 1967-2 A Whiter Shade of Pale
Procol Harum 1967-3 Pandora's Box
Procol Harum 1968 Procol Harum
Procol Harum 1968 Shine on Brightly
Procol Harum 1969 Broken Barricades-
Procol Harum 1969 Salty Dog
Procol Harum 1970-1 Home
Procol Harum 1970-2 Ain't Nothin' to Get Excited About
Procol Harum 1971 Broken Barricades (rms)
Procol Harum 1971 Elusive Procol Harum 04-Dec-1971
Procol Harum 1971 Live On WPLJ-FM
Procol Harum 1972 Live with Edmonton SO
Procol Harum 1972 Procol Harum Live-
Procol Harum 1973 Delicado Live at Hollywood Bowl
Procol Harum 1973 Grand Hotel
Procol Harum 1974 Exotic Birds and Fruit-
Procol Harum 1975 Procol's Ninth (rms)
Procol Harum 1976 British Biscuit London Radio Show
Procol Harum 1977 Something Magic
Procol Harum 1991 Prodigal Stranger
Procol Harum 1992 One More Time Live in Utrecht
Procol Harum 1995 Pittsburgh Live 07.07.1995
Procol Harum 1995 The Long Goodbye
Procol Harum 19xx Bonus Tracks 1968-77
Procol Harum 2001 Live In Copenhagen
Procol Harum 2002 A&B The Singles
Procol Harum 2003 Live At The Union Chapel
Procol Harum 2003 Mainz 17-7-2003-
Procol Harum 2003 The Well's On Fire
Procol Harum 2004 Live At The Union Chapel
Procol Harum 2006 In Concert with DANCO
Procol Harum 2007 One Eye To The Future

Prodigy ENG
Prodigy 1992 Experience 128 kbps
Prodigy 1994 Music For The Jilted Generation 128 kbps
Prodigy 1996 Firestarter 128 kbps
Prodigy 1997 The Fat Of The Land 128 kbps

Quarrymen 1960-61
Quarrymen 1958 In Spite Of All The Danger
Quarrymen 1958-62 At Home
Quarrymen 1960 Dawn Of Modern Rock

Queen ENG
Queen 1974 Queen II
Queen 1975 A Night At The Opera
Queen 1986 Done Under Pressure Mannheim 21-Jun-1986
Queen 1986 Hungarian Rhapsody
Queen 1986 Live At Wembley '86
Queen 1993 A Day At The Races
Queen 1994 Greatest Hits
Queen 1994 Hot Space
Queen 1995 Made In Heaven
Queen 1997 Queen Rocks
Queen Bestof Queen
Queen Greatest Hits 128 kbps

Raging Fyah USA
Raging Fyah 2016 Everlasting

Ramones USA
Ramones 1976 Ramones

Randy Newman 1943-20xx xx USA
Randy Newman 1968 Randy Newman
Randy Newman 1970 12 Songs
Randy Newman 1972 Sail Away
Randy Newman 1973 Good Old Boys Johnny Cutler's Birthday
Randy Newman 1974 Good Old Boys
Randy Newman 1977 Little Criminals

Rare Bird ENG
Rare Bird 1970 As your mind flies by
Rare Bird 1976 Sympathy

Rascals USA
Rascals 2010 A Night To Remember
Rattles HAM
Rattles SONGS

Ray Charles 1930-2004 74 USA
Ray Charles 1979 KLRU Studios Live
Ray Charles 2004 Genius Loves Company

Ray Manzarek 1939-2013 74 USA
Ray Manzarek 1974 The Golden Scarab

Rea Garvey 2015 Prisma
Rea Garvey 1973-20xx xx IRL

Red Hot Chilli Peppers USA
Red Hot Chili Peppers 1984 Red Hot Chili Peppers
Red Hot Chili Peppers 1985 Freaky Styley
Red Hot Chili Peppers 1987 The Uplift Mofo Party Plan
Red Hot Chili Peppers 1989 Mother's Milk
Red Hot Chili Peppers 1991 Blood Sugar Sex Magik
Red Hot Chili Peppers 1994 Out In L.A
Red Hot Chili Peppers 1995 One Hot Minute
Red Hot Chili Peppers 1999 Californication
Red Hot Chili Peppers 2000 Christmas Party '91
Red Hot Chili Peppers 2002 By The Way

Reggae JAM

Renaissance ENG
Renaissance 1969 Renaissance 128
Renaissance 1970 Ludlow Garage Cincinnati
Renaissance 1971 Illusions
Renaissance 1972 Prologue
Renaissance 1973 Ashes Are Burning
Renaissance 1974 Turn of the Cards
Renaissance 1975 Scheherazade and other Stories
Renaissance 1976 Carnegie Hall Live
Renaissance 1977 Novella
Renaissance 1978 A Song for all Seasons
Renaissance 1979 Azure d'or

Richard Bona 1967-20xx xx CMR
Richard Bona 1999 Scenes From My Life
Richard Bona 2006 Tiki

Richie Sambora USA
Richie Sambora 1998 Undiscovered Skies

Ringo Starr 1940-20xx xx GBR
Ringo Starr 1970 Beacoups Of Blues
Ringo Starr 1970 Sentimental Journey
Ringo Starr 1973 Ringo
Ringo Starr 1974 Goodnight Vienna
Ringo Starr 1976 Blast From Your Past
Ringo Starr 1976 Ringo's Rotogravure
Ringo Starr 1977 Ringo The 4th
Ringo Starr 1977 Scouse The Mouse
Ringo Starr 1978 Bad Boy
Ringo Starr 1981 Stop And Smell The Roses
Ringo Starr 1983 Old Wave
Ringo Starr 1987+George Harrison Lost And Found (Memphis Unreleased)
Ringo Starr 1989 Tour Mansfield MA
Ringo Starr 1992 Time Takes Time
Ringo Starr 1997 All-Starr Band Vol1
Ringo Starr 1998 Vertical Man
Ringo Starr 1999 I Wanna Be Santa Claus
Ringo Starr 2002 King Biscuit Flower Hour
Ringo Starr 2003 Ringo Rama
Ringo Starr 2005 Choose Love
Ringo Starr 2006 Rare Tracks
Ringo Starr 2007 Photograph Best of
Ringo Starr 2010 Y Not
Ringo Starr 2015 Posctcards From Paradise

Ritchie Valens 1941-1959 18 USA
Ritchie Valens 2003 Greatest Hits

Robbie Williams 1974-20xx xx ENG
Robbie Williams 1988 I ve Been Expecting You
Robbie Williams Greatest Hits

Robert Cray USA
Robert Cray Smokin' Gun

Robert Fripp 1946-20xx xx ENG
Robert Fripp and League of Crafty Guitarists 1991 Live II
Robert Fripp and League of Crafty Guitarists 1992 Show of Hands

Roberta Flack 1937-20xx xx USA
Roberta Flack 2006 Very Best Of Roberta Flack

Rod Stewart 1945-20xx xx ENG
Rod Stewart 1971 Every Picture Tells A Story rms
Rod Stewart 1976 London Olympia Theatre 24-Dec-1976
Rod Stewart 1979 Greatest Hits
Rod Stewart 1984 Every Picture tells a Story
Rod Stewart 2012 Merry Christmas Baby
Rod Stewart 2013 Time
Rod Stewart 2015 Another Country Deluxe
Rod Stewart Bestof
Rod Stewart Icon
Rod Stewart sings Gershwin

Roger Cicero 1970-20xx xx DEU
Roger Cicero 2006 M§nnersachen

Roger McGuinn 1942-20xx xx USA
Roger McGuinn 1977 Thunderbyrd Shooting!
Roger McGuinn 1991 Back from Rio
Roger McGuinn 1995 Folk Den Recordings Complete
Roger McGuinn 2001 Folk Den Treasures

Roger Waters 1943-20xx xx ENG
Roger Waters 2015 Amused To Death

Rolling Stones ENG
Rolling Stones 196404 Rolling Stones
Rolling Stones 196405 England's Newest Hit Makers
Rolling Stones 196410 12x5
Rolling Stones 196501 Rolling Stones NŽ2
Rolling Stones 196502 Rolling Stones Now!
Rolling Stones 196507 Out Of Our Heads US
Rolling Stones 196509 Out Of Our Heads UK
Rolling Stones 196512 December's Children (and Everybody's)
Rolling Stones 196603 Big Hits (High Tide And Green Grass)
Rolling Stones 196604 Aftermath
Rolling Stones 196612 Got Live If You Want It
Rolling Stones 1967-70 Thee Satanic Sessions The Olympic Years
Rolling Stones 196701 Between The Buttons UK
Rolling Stones 196702 Between The Buttons US
Rolling Stones 196706 Flowers
Rolling Stones 196712 Their Satanic Majesties Request
Rolling Stones 196812 Beggars Banquet
Rolling Stones 196812 R.S.V.P [original version]
Rolling Stones 196909 Through The Past Darkly (Big Hits 2)
Rolling Stones 196911 Get Yer Ya-Ya's Out! in Concert
Rolling Stones 196912 Let it Bleed
Rolling Stones 1969xx Trident Mixes
Rolling Stones 197104 Sticky Fingers (Super Deluxe Edition)
Rolling Stones 197104 Sticky Fingers
Rolling Stones 197112 Hot Rocks
Rolling Stones 197200 Necrophilia (Unreleased Album)
Rolling Stones 197205 Exile On Main St
Rolling Stones 197212 More Hot Rocks (Big Hits & Faced Cookies)
Rolling Stones 197308 Goats Head Soup
Rolling Stones 197310 The Original Nasty Music
Rolling Stones 197410 It's Only Rock'n'Roll
Rolling Stones 197506 Made In The Shade
Rolling Stones 197506 Metamorphosis
Rolling Stones 197604 Black And Blue
Rolling Stones 197709 Love You Live
Rolling Stones 197806 Some Girls
Rolling Stones 198007 Emotional Rescue
Rolling Stones 198103 Sucking In The Seventies
Rolling Stones 198108 Tattoo You
Rolling Stones 198206 Still Life
Rolling Stones 198311 Undercover
Rolling Stones 198406 Rewind 1971-1984
Rolling Stones 198603 Dirty Work
Rolling Stones 1989-93 Ultra Rare Trax
Rolling Stones 198908 Say Ahhh
Rolling Stones 198908 Singles The London Years Collection
Rolling Stones 198908 Steel Wheels
Rolling Stones 199001 Another Side Of Steel Wheels
Rolling Stones 199006 Collectors' Edition
Rolling Stones 199104 Flashpoint
Rolling Stones 199311 Jump Back '71-93 The Best Of The Rolling Stones
Rolling Stones 199400 Desert Island Survival Kit
Rolling Stones 199407 Voodoo Lounge
Rolling Stones 199511 Stripped
Rolling Stones 199610 Rock'n'Roll Circus
Rolling Stones 199709 Bridges To Babylon
Rolling Stones 199811 No Security
Rolling Stones 200100 The Very Best
Rolling Stones 200200 Four New Licks
Rolling Stones 200209 Forty Licks
Rolling Stones 200411 Live Licks
Rolling Stones 200509 A Bigger Bang
Rolling Stones 200511 Rarities 1971-2003
Rolling Stones 200600 Hot Six
Rolling Stones 200700 Rolled Gold Plus
Rolling Stones 200800 Mad Shadows
Rolling Stones 200804 Shine A Light
Rolling Stones 200905 More Stoned Than You`ll Ever Be 1963-71
Rolling Stones 201211 Grrr!
Rolling Stones 201307 Sweet Summer Sun Hyde Park Live
Rolling Stones 201510 Many Faces
Rolling Stones 201606 Totally Stripped
Rolling Stones 201612 Blue & Lonesome
Rolling Stones EPs
Rolling Stones Singles
Rolling Stones by others

Ron Sexsmith 1964-20xx xx CAN
Ron Sexsmith 2001 Blue Boy
Ron Sexsmith 2002 Cobblestone Runway
Ron Sexsmith 2003 Rarities
Ron Sexsmith 2004 Retriever
Ron Sexsmith 2005 Sexsmith&Kerr Destination Unknown
Ron Sexsmith 2006 Time Being
Ron Sexsmith 2008 Exit Strategy Of The Soul

Ronnie Earl 1953-20xx xx USA
Ronnie Earl 2013 Just For Today

Rory Gallagher 1948-1995 47 IRL
Rory Gallagher 1975 Against the Grain

Roxette SWE
Roxette Collection

Roxy Music ENG
Roxy Music 1979 Manifesto
Roxy Music 1980 Flesh+Blood
Roxy Music 1982 Avalon

Roy Buchanan 1939-1988 49 USA
Roy Buchanan 1972 Roy Buchanan
Roy Buchanan 1974 Rescue Me
Roy Buchanan 2003 American Axe Live In 1974
Roy Buchanan 2007 Messiah on Guitar

Roy Orbison 1936-1983 52 USA
Roy Orbison 1988 Last Concert 4 Dec 1988
Roy Orbison 1989 Black And White Night Live
Roy Orbison 1989 Mistery Girl
Roy Orbison 2014 Indispensable Roy Orbison 1956 1962

Rufus Wainwright 1973-20xx xx USA
Rufus Wainwright 1998 Rufus Wainwright
Rufus Wainwright 2001 Poses
Rufus Wainwright 2003 Want One
Rufus Wainwright 2004 Want Two
Rufus Wainwright 2007 Release The Stars

Rush CAN
Rush 1975 Fly By Night
Rush 1976 2112

Rutles ENG
Rutles 1978 Rutles
Rutles 1996 Archaeology

Ry Cooder 1947-20xx xx USA
Ry Cooder 1984 Borderline
Ry Cooder 1986 Crossroads OST
Ry Cooder 2013+Corridos Famosos Live At The Great American Music Hall

Sam & Dave USA
Sam & Dave 1967 Stockholm 05-Feb-1967

Sam Cooke 1931-1964 33 USA
Sam Cooke 2000 The Man Who Invented Soul
Sam Cooke 2011 Bestof

Sammy Davis Jr 1925-1990 65 USA
Sammy Davis Jr 2006 The Reprise Years
Sammy Davis Jr&Carmen McRae 1957 Boy Meets Girl

Samy Deluxe HAM
Samy Deluxe 2016 Ber│hmte letzte Worte

Sandy Posey 1944-20xx xx USA
Sandy Posey 1995 Best Of

Santana USA
Santana 1967 Santana
Santana 1970 Abraxas
Santana 1970 Waikiki Shell
Santana 1970-71 Third Album Outtakes
Santana 1972 Caravanserei
Santana 1974 Borboletta
Santana 1976 King Biscuit Flower Hour
Santana 1977 Moonflower
Santana 1978 Inner Secrets
Santana 1978 The Palladium NY
Santana 1981 Live In Santa Cruz CA
Santana 1987 Berlin Palast der Republik Live
Santana 1992 Tijuana Mexico 22-Mar-1992
Santana 1996 Live In Stuttgart
Santana 1999 Santana live
Santana 1999 Supernatural
Santana 2001 Divine Light Music From Illuminations & Love Devotion Surrender
Santana 2005 All That I Am
Santana 2005 Shaman
Santana 2010 Guitar Heaven
Santana 2012 Shape Shifter
Santana 2014 Corazon (Deluxe Version)
Santana 2014 Corazon Live From Mexico Live It To Believe It
Santana 2014 Corazon
Santana 2016 Santana IV

Sara K 1960-20xx xx USA
Sara K 2003 Chesky Collection
Sara K Chris Jones Live In Concert

Sarah Connor 1980-20xx xx DEU

Savoy Brown ENG
Savoy Brown 1999 The Blues Keep Me Holding On

Scorpions DEU
Scorpions 1988 Savage Amusement
Scorpions 1990 Crazy World
Scorpions 1995 Live Bites
Scorpions 2007 Humanity-Hour 1

Scott McKenzie 1939-2012 73 USA
Scott McKenzie 1960-70 Stained Glass Reflections

Sex Pistols ENG
Sex Pistols 1977 Never Mind The Bollocks Here's The Sex Pistols

Shadows ENG
Shadows 1961 Shadows
Shadows 1962 Out of the Shadows
Shadows 1963 Shadows' Greatest Hits
Shadows 1964 Dance With The Shadows
Shadows 1965 Sound Of The Shadows
Shadows 1966 Shadow Music
Shadows 1967 From Hank Bruce Brian&John
Shadows 1967 Jigsaw
Shadows 1970 Shades of Rock
Shadows 1973 Rockin' With Curley Leads
Shadows 1975 Specs Appeal
Shadows 1977 Tasty
Shadows 1979 String Of Hits
Shadows 1980 Change of Address
Shadows 1981 Hits Right Up Your Street
Shadows 1983 XXV
Shadows 1984 Guardian Angel
Shadows 1986 Moonlight Shadows
Shadows 1987 Simply Shadows
Shadows 1989 Steppin' To The Shadows
Shadows 1991 Themes&Dreams
Shadows 1997 At Abbey Road
Shadows 2004 Final Tour (Soundtrack) 128 kbps
Shadows 2005 Guitar Moods

Shakira 1977-20xx xx COL
Shakira 2005 Fijaciżn Oral

Shangri-Las USA
Shangri-Las 2002 Myrmidons Of Melodrama

Shania Twain 1965-20xx xx USA
Shania Twain 2015 Still The One Live From Vegas

Sheryl Crow 1962-20xx xx USA
Sheryl Crow 1993 Unreleased
Sheryl Crow 1994 Strong Enough
Sheryl Crow 1996 Sheryl Crow
Sheryl Crow 1998 Globe Sessions
Sheryl Crow 1999 Sheryl Crow&Friends Live Central Park
Sheryl Crow 2005 Wildflower
Sheryl Crow 2008 Detours
Sheryl Crow 2009 Tuesday Night Music Club
Sheryl Crow 2011 Icon
Sheryl Crow 2013 Feels Like Home

Sia 1975-20xx xx AUS
Sia 1997 Onlysee
Sia 2001 Healing is Difficult
Sia 2004 Colour The Small One
Sia 2008 Some People Have Real Problems
Sia 2010 We Are Born
Sia 2014 100 Forms of Fear
Sia 2015 Alive
Sia 2016 This Is Acting

Simon & Garfunkel USA
Simon & Garfunkel 1969 Parsley Sage Rosemary and Thyme
Simon & Garfunkel 1970 Bridge Over Troubled Water
Simon & Garfunkel 1974 Wednesday Morning 3AM
Simon & Garfunkel 1981 Central Park Live 19-Sep-1981
Simon & Garfunkel Definitive
Simon & Garfunkel Essential
Simon & Garfunkel tsc(orch) ROYPO

Simply Red ENG
Simply Red 1989 A New Flame
Simply Red 1991 Stars
Simply Red 2003 Very Bestof
Situation 2005 Darker Shade of Grey
Situation CAN

Slade ENG
Slade 2007 Collection 79-87

Small Faces ENG
Small Faces 1985 Ogden's Nut Gone Flake
Small Faces 1986 Autumn Store
Small Faces 2014 Here Come the Nice The Immediate Years

Smokie ENG
Smokie 2013 Greatest Hits
Smokie Bestof

Sonny & Cher USA
Sonny & Cher 1965 Look At Us
Sonny & Cher 1966 The Wondrous World Of Sonny & Cher
Sonny & Cher 1967 In Case You're In Love
Sonny & Cher 1991 The Beat Goes On
Sonny & Cher 1998 Greatest Hits
Sonny & Cher-Hit Singles Collection

Sonny Landreth USA
Sonny Landreth 1999 The Road We're On

Souther Hillman Furay Band USA
Souther Hillman Furay Band 1974 The S H F Band
Souther Hillman Furay Band 1975 Trouble In Paradise

Spencer Davis Group ENG
Spencer Davis Group 1969 Funky 128 kbps
Spencer Davis Group 2002 Manchester Live
Spencer Davis Group Bestof

Spliff DEU
Spliff 1982 85555

Spotnicks SWE
Spotnicks 1962 In London
Spotnicks 1963 In Paris
Spotnicks 1964 In Berlin
Spotnicks 1964 In France
Spotnicks 1964 In Stockholm
Spotnicks 1964 On Tour
Spotnicks 1965 In Gothenburg
Spotnicks 1966 In Tokyo
Spotnicks 1966 In Winterland
Spotnicks 1966 Live In Sankei Hall
Spotnicks 1966-67 Collection
Spotnicks 1967 In Acapulco
Spotnicks 1967 Spotnicks
Spotnicks 1969 Rare Collection
Spotnicks 1973 Today
Spotnicks 1976 Feelings
Spotnicks 1977 Charttoppers Recorded
Spotnicks 1977 Collection 1962 77
Spotnicks 1985 Highway Boogie
Spotnicks 1987 Love Is Blue
Spotnicks 1987 Romantic Touch
Spotnicks 1989 Best
Spotnicks 1989 In Spain
Spotnicks 1991 In Tokyo
Spotnicks 2003 Back To The Roots

Status Quo ENG
Status Quo 1987 Picturesque Matchstickable Messages
Status Quo 1997 Bestof

Steely Dan USA
Steely Dan 1972 Can't Buy A Thrill
Steely Dan 1973 Countdown To Ecstasy
Steely Dan 1974 Los Angelas The Record Plant 30-Apr-1974
Steely Dan 1974 Pretzel Logic
Steely Dan 1977 Aja
Steely Dan 1980 A Decade of Steely Dan
Steely Dan 1994 Dallas First Night
Steely Dan 1994 Irvine Meadows 09.17.1994
Steely Dan 2000 Detroit 2000
Steely Dan 2008 Think Fast In Cincinnatti
Steely Dan 2011 Molson Amphitheatre Toronto 22-Jul-2011
Steely Dan 2011 Santa Barbara
Steely Dan 2011 Shuffle Diplomacy

Steppenwolf USA
Steppenwolf 1980 Born to be wild

Steve Hackett (g) 1950-20xx xx ENG
Steve Hackett 2004 To Watch The Storms

Steve Howe 1947-20xx xx ENG
Steve Howe 2001 Natural Timbre
Steve Howe 2013 Homebrew 5

Steve Miller Band USA
Steve Miller Band 1976 Fly Like An Eagle

Steve Vai 1960-20xx xx USA
Steve Vai 1990 Passion And Warfare
Steve Vai 1997 G3 Live in Concert (Joe Satriani Steve Vai&Eric Johnson)
Steve Vai 2000 The 7th Song
Steve Vai 2003 Mystery Tracks Archives Vol3
Steve Vai 2007 Sound Theories Vol1&2
Steve Vai 2009 Where The Other Wild Things Are
Steve Vai 2009 Where The Wild Things Are

Steve Winwood 1948-20xx xx ENG
Steve Winwood 1977 Steve Winwood
Steve Winwood 1980 Arc of a Diver
Steve Winwood 1982 Talking Back To The Night
Steve Winwood 1986 Back In The High Life
Steve Winwood 1988 Roll With It
Steve Winwood 1988 Royal Albert Hall London
Steve Winwood 1990 Refugees of the Heart
Steve Winwood 1995 The Finer Things
Steve Winwood 1997 Junction Seven
Steve Winwood 2003 About Time
Steve Winwood 2007+Eric Clapton Highclere
Steve Winwood 2008 Nine Lives
Steve Winwood 2009 Back In The High Life Live
Steve Winwood 2010 Live BBC Maida Vale Studios
Steve Winwood 2010 Revolutions
Steve Winwood 2013 Lugano Estival

Stevie Ray Vaughan 1954-1990 36 USA
Stevie Ray Vaughan 1978 Lubbock Texas
Stevie Ray Vaughan 1980 The King's Head

Stevie Wonder 1950-20xx xx USA
Stevie Wonder 1996 Song Review
Stevie Wonder 2010 Glastonbury Festival
Stevie Wonder 2012+Gilberto Gil 2012 Rio De Janeiro

Sting 1951-20xx xx ENG
Sting 1987+Gil Evans Live at Perugia Jazz Festival
Sting 1988 Verona Live 05-Jun-1988
Sting 1991 Soul Cages
Sting 2001 All this Time
Sting 2002 Mercury Falling
Sting 2003 Sacred Love
Sting 2006 Songs From the Labyrinth
Sting 2010 Symphonicities
Sting 2013 The Last Ship

Stooges USA
Stooges 1970 Fun House

Supertramp ENG
Supertramp 1974 Crime of the Century
Supertramp 2010 70-10 Tour Madrid
Supertramp 2010 Madrid Live 15-Sep-2010

Supremes USA
Supremes 1961 Meet The Supremes
Supremes 1964 A Bit Of Liverpool
Supremes 1965 More Hits By
Supremes 1965 We Remember Sam Cooke
Supremes 1966 A Go Go
Supremes 1970 & Four Tops Magnificent Seven
Supremes 1971 Touch
Supremes 1990 Het Beste Van
Supremes 1991 Greatest Hits And Rare Classics
Supremes 2002 Greatest Hits
Supremes 2002 The Hits
Supremes 2005 Gold

Suzanne Vega 1959-20xx xx USA
Suzanne Vega 1985 Suzanne Vega
Suzanne Vega 1987 Solitude Standing

Suzi Quatro 1950-20xx xx USA
Suzi Quatro 1973 Can The Can
Suzi Quatro 1973 Quatro
Suzi Quatro 1979 Suzi...And Other Four Letter Words
Suzi Quatro 1990 The Wild One Greatest Hits
Suzi Quatro 2014 The Girl From Detroit City

Syd Barrett 1946-2006 60 ENG
Syd Barrett 1946-2006

S÷hne Mannheims DEU
S÷hne Mannheims 2011 Barrikaden von Eden
S÷hne Mannheims 2015 Evoluzion (Deluxe Edition)

T Rex 1971 Electric Warrior

T-Bone Walker USA
T-Bone Walker 1975 The Hustle Is On

Taylor Swift 1989-20xx xx USA
Taylor Swift 2006 Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift 2010 Speak Now
Taylor Swift 2011 Speak Now World Tour Live
Taylor Swift 2012 Red

Ted Nugent 1948-20xx xx USA
Ted Nugent 1975 Ted Nugent

Tempest ENG
Tempest 1972 Tempest
Tempest 1974 Live in London (Bootleg)
Tempest 1974 Living in Fear
Tempest 2005 Under The Blossom-The Anthology

Temptations USA
Temptations Icon

Ten Years After ENG
Ten Years After 1968 Undead
Ten Years After 1971 A Space In Time 1971
Ten Years After 1977 The Classic Performances Of TYA

The Band USA
The Band 1971 Live At The Academy Of Music

The King 1968-20xx xx ENG
The King 1998 Gravelands
Them 1990 Them Feat Van Morrison
Them 1997 The Story Of Them
Them IRL

Thin Lizzy IRL
Thin Lizzy 1976 Jailbreak

Til Tuesday USA
Til Tuesday 1986 Welcome Home

Tina Turner 1939-20xx xx USA
Tina Turner 1984 Private Dancer
Tina Turner 1989 Foreign Affair
Tina Turner 1991 Simply the Best
Tina Turner 1996 Wildest Dreams
Tina Turner 1999 Tina Turner Sings Country
Tina Turner 2004 All the Best

Tobias Sammet DEU
Tobias Sammet 2015 Avantasia All The Best

Todd Rundgren USA
Todd Rundgren 1972 Something Anything

Tom Jones 1940-20xx xx ENG
Tom Jones Bestof Tom Jones 128 kbps
Tom Jones Reload
Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers 1979 Damn The Torpedoes
Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers 1991 Into The Great Wide Open
Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers 1991 Psychotic Reaction 1991

Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers USA

Tom Waits 1949-20xx xx USA
Tom Waits 1973 Blue Valentine
Tom Waits 1976 Small Change
Tom Waits 1985 Rain Dogs
Tom Waits 1991 The Early Years
Tom Waits 1992 Alice (The Original Demos)
Tom Waits 1993 Black Rider
Tom Waits 1999 Mule Variations
Tom Waits 2002 Alice
Tom Waits 2002 Blood Money
Tom Waits 2009 Glitter And Doom (Live)
Tom Waits 2011 Bad As Me

Tommy James And the Shondells USA
Tommy James & the Shondells 1966 Hanky Panky
Tommy James & the Shondells 1989 Anthology

Toni Childs 1957-20xx xx USA
Toni Childs 1988 Union
Toni Childs 1991 House Of Hope

Tony Sheridan 1940-2013 73 ENG

Torfrock DEU
Torfrock 1983 Torfmoorholmer Hitparade
Torfrock 1992 Bagalutenfete 128 kbps
Torfrock 2010 Neues aus Torfmoorholm

Tote Hosen DEU
Tote Hosen 2011 All die ganzen Jahre

Toto USA
Toto 1978 Toto
Toto 1979 Hydra
Toto 1980 Turn Back
Toto 1982 IV
Toto 1984 Dune OST
Toto 1984 Isolation
Toto 1986 Fahrenheit
Toto 1988 The Seventh One
Toto 1990 Out Of Love In Oldenburg
Toto 1992 Kingdom Of Desire
Toto 1993 Absolutely Live
Toto 1995 Tambu
Toto 1999 Livefields Live
Toto 1999 Mindfields
Toto 2002 Through The Looking Glass
Toto 2003 25th Anniversary Live in Amsterdam
Toto 2006 Falling In Between
Toto 2007 Falling In Between Live
Toto 2015 Toto XIV

Tracy Chapman 1964-20xx xx USA
Tracy Chapman 2015 Greatest Hits Remastered

Traffic ENG
Traffic 1968 Mr Fantasy
Traffic 1968 Traffic
Traffic 1968+Jimi Hendrix A Session
Traffic 1969 Heaven Is In Your Mind
Traffic 1969 Last Exit
Traffic 1970 John Barleycorn must die
Traffic 1971 The low Spark of high heeled Boys
Traffic 1971 Welcome to the Canteen
Traffic 1973 On the Road
Traffic 1973 Shoot out At The Fantasy Factory
Traffic 1974 When The Eagle Flies
Traffic 1994 Far From Home
Traffic 1994 Last Great Traffic Jam

Train USA
Train 2016 Does Led Zeppelin II

Traveling Wilburys ENG USA
Traveling Wilburys 1988 Vol1
Traveling Wilburys 1990 Vol2
Traveling Wilburys 1990 Vol3
Traveling Wilburys 1990 Vol4

Tremeloes ENG
Tremeloes Bestof

Tubes USA
Tubes 1983 Outside Inside

U2 18 Singles
U2 1984 Unforgettable Fire
U2 1997 Pop
U2 2000 All That You Can't Leave Behind
U2 Bestof 1980-1990 128 kbps
U2 Bestof 1990-2000
U2 Live ParŢs 20151111 2nd Night

UK 1996 Night After Night Live
UK 1999 UK

Udo Lindenberg 1946-20xx xx DEU
Udo Lindenberg 1973 Alles klar auf der Andrea Doria
Udo Lindenberg 2002 Atlantic Affairs
Udo Lindenberg 2003 Panik Pr§sident
Udo Lindenberg 2004 Kompletto
Udo Lindenberg 2016 St§rker als die Zeit

Uriah Heep ENG
Uriah Heep 1971 Look At Yourself
Uriah Heep 1972 Demons And Wizards
Uriah Heep 2004 Sweet Freedom
Uriah Heep 2015 Totally Driven

Van Halen USA
Van Halen 1978 Van Halen

Van Morrison 1945-20xx xx IRL
Van Morrison 1968 Astral Weeks
Van Morrison 1970 His Band And The Street Choir
Van Morrison 1970 Moondance
Van Morrison 1972 Saint Dominic's Preview
Van Morrison 1980 Common One
Van Morrison 1983 Inarticulate speech of the heart
Van Morrison 1989 Avalon Sunset
Van Morrison 1993 Bestof Vol2
Van Morrison 1993 Too Long In Exile
Van Morrison 1994 A Night In San Francisco Live
Van Morrison 1995+Georgie Fame&Friends How Long Has This Been Going On
Van Morrison 1997 Healing Game
Van Morrison 1998 Philosopher's Stone
Van Morrison 1999 Back On Top
Van Morrison 1999 The Early Years
Van Morrison 2012 Belfastfestival Black Tie Dinner&Show
Van Morrison 2013 Moondance
Van Morrison 2015 Duets Re Working The Catalogue
Van Morrison 2015 Duets
Van Morrison 2016 It's Too Late To Stop Now
Van Morrison 20xx Collection

Van der Graaf Generator ENG
Van der Graaf Generator 1986 First Generation
Vangelis 1979 Opera Sauvage
Vangelis 1983 Antarctica
Vangelis GRC

Vanilla Fudge USA
Vanilla Fudge 1969 Rock'n'Roll
Vanilla Fudge 2002 (New)
Vanilla Fudge 2007 Good Good Rockin' Live At Rockpalast
Vanilla Fudge 2008 Orchestral Fudge
Vanilla Fudge 2015 Spirit Of '67

Velvet Underground USA
Velvet Underground 1967+Nico
Velvet Underground 1970 Loaded

Ventures USA
Ventures 1961 The Colorful Ventures
Ventures 1961 The Ventures
Ventures 1961 Walk Don't Run
Ventures 1962 Going To The Ventures Dance Party
Ventures 1962 Mashed Potatoes And Gravy
Ventures 1962 The Ventures Twist Party
Ventures 1962 Twist With The Ventures
Ventures 1963 Bobby Vee Meets The Ventures
Ventures 1963 Let's Go!
Ventures 1963 Play The Country Classics
Ventures 1963 Surfing
Ventures 1964 In Space
Ventures 1964 The Fabulous Ventures
Ventures 1964 Walk Don't Run Vol2
Ventures 1964 Walk Don't Run
Ventures 1965 Knock Me Out
Ventures 1965 The Ventures A Go-Go
Ventures 1966 Batman Theme
Ventures 1966 Go With The Ventures
Ventures 1966 Wild Things
Ventures 1967 The Guitar Freakout
Ventures 1981 Live In California
Ventures 1987 Santa Cruz
Volbeat 2016 Seal The Deal & Let's Boogie
Volbeat DNK

Walkabouts (Jack Wolfskin) USA

Wes Madiko 1964-20xx xx CMR
Wes Madiko 1997 Welenga

West Bruce & Laing ENG
West Bruce & Laing 1973 Whatever Turns You On
West Bruce & Laing 1973 Why Dontcha

White Stripes USA
White Stripes 2007 Icky Thump

Whitney Houston 1963-2012 48 USA
Whitney Houston Ultimate

Who 1970 Live At Leeds
Who 1971 Meaty Beaty Big and Bouncy
Who 1971 Who's Next
Who 1973 Quadrophenia
Who 1973 Tales From The Who
Who 1984 Singles
Who 1991 Rarities Vol1-2
Who 1994 30 Years Of Maximum R&B
Who 2000 Mars Music Amphitheatre
Who 2003 Live At The Royal Albert Hall
Who 2015 Live In Hyde Park
Who 2016 My Generation (Mono)
Who 2016 My Generation (New Stereo)
Who 2016 My Generation Mono Bonus Tracks
Who 2016 My Generation Stereo Bonus Tracks
Who 2016 My Generation The Demos

Willy DeVille 1950-2009 59 USA
Willy DeVille 1981 Rockpalast
Willy DeVille 2006 Live in the Lowlands

Wilson Pickett 1941-2006 65 USA
Wilson Pickett Greatest Hits

Wishbone Ash ENG
Wishbone Ash 1970 Wishbone Ash
Wishbone Ash 1971 Pilgrimage
Wishbone Ash 1972 Argus
Wishbone Ash 1973 Live Dates
Wishbone Ash 1974 Theres the rub
Wishbone Ash 1976 New England
Wishbone Ash 1980 Just Testing
Wishbone Ash 1980 Live Dates II 128 kbps
Wishbone Ash 1981 Hot Ash 128 kbps
Wishbone Ash 1981 Number The Brave
Wishbone Ash 1981 Playin' Free

Wolfgang Ambros 1952-20xx xx AUT
Wolfgang Ambros 1984 Das Beste Vol1
Wolfgang Ambros 1990 Stille Glut

Wonderland DEU
Wonderland 1971 Wonderland Band NŽ1

Woodstock 1969 USA

Woody Guthrie 1912-1967 55 USA
Woody Guthrie 2011 Essential Collection This Land Is Your Land

Xavier Cugat 1900-1990 90 USA
Xavier Cugat 1966 Today

Xavier Naidoo 19xx-20xx xx DEU
Xavier Naisoo 2003 Zwischenspiel

Yardbirds ENG
Yardbirds 1966 Roger the Engineer
Yardbirds 1968 Anderson Theatre New York
Yardbirds Greatest Hits

Yes 1972 Fragile
Yes 1973 Tales From Topographic Oceans
Yes 1978 Tormato
Yes 1980 Drama
Yes 1991 Union
Yes 1993 Symphonic Music Of Yes
Yes 1994 Talk
Yes 1998 Friends And Relatives

ZZ Top 1973 Tres Hombres
ZZ Top 1979 Deguello
ZZ TOP Sixpack

Zucchero 2001 Shake